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Happy Holidays!

Lokvani Talks To Hindi Writer Shivani Gaura Pant
A prolific writer of Hindi fiction, Shivani Pant based in Lucknow, was in Boston on a recent visit. more...
Meet Dr. Sudarshan Chatterjee
Dealing with 'Matters of the Heart' of a different nature, noted cardiologist Sudarshan Chatterjee is very quickly on his way to publishing his first novel. more...
Hate Crime Forum At UMass Lowell
On December 17, about 250 students and community leaders gathered at the UMass Lowell's Cummock Hall to discuss the attack on three UMass Lowell Students on December 2 and strategies to prevent hate crimes against minorities. more...
Job Hunting In A Down Economy
A panel discussion on how to find a job in this economy was organized by Gajendra Circle of Friends, the IITM Alumni Association in New England. more...
Ex-IITB Dean Addresses Students at Umass Darmouth
Is our Indic cultural heritage something that provides added value or is it a burden that we are better off shedding was the question that Dr. R. S. Ayyar tried to answer in his speech titled ôRelevance of Indic Cultural Heritage to the Younger Generation" presented at the Indic Center. more...
Lokvani goes live at Pravasi Bharathiya Divas In New Delhi
Three-day extravaganza honoring NRIs planned at New Delhi. Don't be disappointed if you are unable to attend this ground -breaking event. You can still be a part of it. Find out how more...
Women Across Boundaries Share Their Success Stories
Women from various walks of life met at a luncheon organized by Dr. Brinda Kamat to discuss opportunities for women physicians to make greater contributions to society. more...
Ghulam Ali Live in Winchester, MA
R-K-Vision proudly brings to you the Ghazal king Ghulam Ali on Friday, Dec 20 2002 at 7:30 pm at the Winchester High School, Winchester, MA. Please check out www.r-k-vision.com for further information. more...
A Grand Republic Day Cultural Program Planned By IAGB
The India Association Of Greater Boston hosts a scintillating Cultural Program celebrating India's Republic Day on Jan 25, 2003 at the Burlington High School. more...
Navjote Ceremony
One of the most important events in the life of a young Parsi child is the Navjote Ceremony. Rutty and Adi Guzdar recently celebrated this event for their grandchildren Simonne and Gabriel. more...
Featured Organization - Manitha Neyam
The Manitha Neyam Trust Inc., or ''Love for Humanity,'' a Boston based Charity, bring hope and light to needy children in Sri Lanka. more...
Humor - Bollywood Liar Is Back
Ever since I saw kaho na pyaar hai, I have had an unhealthy yearning for the attentions of it's long faced, lean, mean hunky hero. When I did get a chance to talk with him, I jumped at it. more...

Decaf, S'il Vous Plait!...
Granted, the coffee was probably high octane, high propane, high performance, unleaded, super premium material but... more...

Youth Forum - Rat Race Or What ?
My random pseudo-philosophical ramblings are over and you can now read whatever else you want. As for me, I must run, homework calls. A teen mulls over.... more...

Extraordinary Talent - Young Achiever Aneesh Rattan
13 year old Aneesh Rattan, a talented Soccer player recently got a Referee license and has been refereeing since last fall. more...

Recipes - Christmas Pudding
A delicious Christmas treat. more...
Would You Like A Chardonnay Or A Cabernet? Wines Of The Season
A simple "red or white" does not suffice any more. Wine has now shifted its varietals- wines mostly made from one grape type that is listed on the label. Here is a two part series on the myth, the basics and the conventional wisdom of wine more...

Out Of Control
The last time it happened
I was, as usual, unaware.
It was at a party...
A poem by Vasanth.

Holiday Book Readings
Catch up on your Holiday reading... more...

Some Garam Movies For Cold Winter Nights
Brrr... Rent these garam garam types to heat up those chiily evenings. more...

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