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Lokvani Talks to Pramila Vivek of IHO
"Many of us like to involve in a worthwhile cause, but when we cannot do it actively they are still ways to help out, rather than not do anything at all." A simple statement worth pondering. more...
Lokvani Presents at TIE - Atlantic
Lokvani, made an entry into the enterpreneurial scene by making a presentation at the TIE-Atlantic March 25th networking event. more...

Lokvani Reviews
Book review
Vine of Desire
Movie review

Dattak - (The Adopted)
Tumko na Bhool Payenge
Music review
Junoon Aur Ishq


Meet Kamal Jain, Libertarian Party Candidate for State Auditor
"Libertarians defend free markets, civil liberties, religious freedom, free global trade and travel, and a foreign policy based on peace." more...

Market Timing: Is It An Appropriate Strategy?
For an average investor, mutual funds are a great way to accumulate long term savings. However, they require patience and discipline of dollar cost averaging ignoring the fluctuations in the stock market. more...
Art of Living
"The only true security that can be found in this world is in the very process of giving love," Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. more...
Colors, Bonfire, Sparklers - Holi IDRF Style!
The festival of colors, "HOLI" was celebrated with much gaiety and fanfare on March 30th at the beautiful premises of Sarswathi Mandiram in Epping, NH. more...
A Peaceful Response
A response to the pogroms plaguing India today. more...
Agua, Thaneer, Water - Where Social Activism Meets Art
Audience always reacts passionately to works like this. Some love it, others hate it. more...

Humor: We Shall be Organized
I think I was born unorganized. more...

Ode to Spring
A poem by Amrita Saigal, a middle school student from Burlington, MA. more...

Media Violence
"There are many reasons for the violent actions of children but most of them result from their environment rather than what they are exposed to in the outside world," says Manasi Singhal. more...

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