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Gender, Race and Science: Overview
Does the institution of science really live up to its claims of objectivity? Has the institution of science been immune from the influences of power and privilege, from the histories of economic, social and cultural transformations? Has scientific knowledge served the interests of all human beings, cultures and countries? more...

Lokvani Reviews
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Movie Review
Kausalya Sreenivasan
She has a certain dynamic vivacity that is pleasing to watch. Her face captures fleeting emotions and her eyes light up animatedly as she talks about her life's main passion 'Bharatanatyam.' Meet Kausalya Sreenivasan, a dancer and teacher of this elegant and graceful style of Indian classical dance who was on a visit to the US. more...

Estate Planning- An Overview
Although a large number of people have accumulated significant wealth in our community, few have even a rudimentary working knowledge of Estate Planning, and how it can assist them in transferring their assets with a minimum of tax and inconvenience upon their death. more...

Learn & Earn - 2002 / IAFPE Political Internship Program
Summer will be upon us soon and with it days of leisure and often boredom! Here is sure-fire way to get all you college kids excited! Indian American Forum for Political Education (Massachusetts Chapter) is accepting applications for their Learn and Earn - 2002 program. more...

Helpful Hints to Overcome Obstacles at the Boston INS Office
After the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Immigration and Naturalization Service's Boston office is exercising great caution in processing applications. Consequently, some applicants are facing uncommon obstacles when they visit the INS' Boston office. This article gives some pointers to keep in mind for applicants visiting the INS-Boston office. more...

Anthrax Facts
There is no need to panic each time you have flu or 'virus-like' symptoms. Anthrax is not contagious. more...

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