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Celebrate International Women's Month
India's Indira Nath is among the five women scientists honored with UNESCO/L'Oreal awards, to mark the international women day. March is International Women Month and Lokvani pays tribute to all women. more...

Pharmaceutical Stocks - Cheap and Safe!
For the investors who are sick and tired of the wild gyrations on Wall Street and want to make a decent return with low volatility, the pharmaceutical sector offers unique value at this moment. more...


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Mitr, My friend
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Film Director Revathy of Mitr, My Friend Talks to Lokvani
Award winning actor and first time director of the new, most talked about film, 'Mitr, My friend,' Revathy talks to Lokvani. more...

Chandu Shah, Gujarati Poet and Playwright Talks to Lokvani
Meet Chandu Shah, the President of Gurjar, who heads S4Inc., and is a poet, playwright, actor, writer, journalist, director and producer. more...

Aparna Sindhoor - Dancer, Thinker
"I don't know if I am an activist, a social activist who goes on rallies or morchas" says Aparna, "I use my art form to convey my ideology, it's a language of my own." more...

Events Reviews

Featured Organization (Gurjar) Gujarati Association of New England
In this newsletter we highlight Gurjar, the Gujarati Association of New England and its contribution to the cause of the Gujarati Community. more...

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, The Heart Is Still Indian, Yaar
"You can take a woman out of India", the old adage goes "but you can't take India out of her!". more...

Why Lagaan ? An Interesting Point of View from a Lokvani Guest Writer
An Oscar nomination for an Indian movie should be a cause for celebration - a moment of vindication, a moment to congratulate ourselves and say we have arrived. more...

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