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"Hunger Free India is Our Goal" says Minister Shanta Kumar
India's Union minister for food and distribution, Honorable Shanta Kumar stated in a speech addressed to a group of Indian Americans that "Hunger free India is our goal and we are implementing schemes to achieve this". The talk was sponsored by FISA (Friends of India Society of America) and IDRF (India Development and Relief Fund). more...

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Indo-American Solidarity Day
All organizations in New England have come together to organize an Indo-American solidarity day.Come and be part of this important event! more...

Raam Ka Naam Badnaam Na Karo !
Isn't it said that the sound of your name sounds sweeter each time you hear it. But what happens when each time you hear it there is a different sound. More.. more...

The Indian Seniors
Considerable attention is paid to the fact that overall the Indian immigrants are "doing well" and belong to the middle to upper middle segment of American society and the focus is on persons who are in the working ages ranges from 25-65, and not much attention is paid to those over 65 especially their role in the family and the community. more...

A Fun Evening with IITSINE
While January 1st is officially the start of the New Year, alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology in the New England area proved that any time you get together and have fun; it surely is a New Year's celebration. Officially called the "After New Year's Party," it was a social get together for the families and friends of IIT Alumni. Over 140 people attended the event which was held at the Burlington Marriott. more...

Do It Myself
We are big on DIY in our family. The husband's policy is just that, DIY. Do it yourself. He is forever encouraging me to climb roofs, ladders, always introducing me to the latest chainsaws and power tools in the market. more...

America Falls - A poem by a fifth grader.

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