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Lokvani Beginning a New Tradition in 2002
It is the end of January and we have begun making resolutions for the rest of the year! Numero uno on our list is to laugh more at the world, at ourselves, and at anything that drags us down. This is just the beginning, starting now, with your help, we will feature a humorous article in every Lokvani issue. Put on your thinking (clown) caps, pick up that quill and jot down what tickles your funny bone. You can even send us your own humorous masterpiece and we'll put in on our site! Lets set the trend with Dinnertime Blues.
One question that has plagued us desi moms for centuries is " How do I make Munna / Sweety/ the big creep, eat more?" Let's admit it, nothing thrills an Indian mom more than watching her children and their papa stuff their faces.more..

Do You Know How Much "An Hour of Your Salary" is Worth ? International Health Organization (IHO) is celebrating its tenth anniversary by launching a (Work an HourĶ fund raising drive to begin on January 26, 2002. more...

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Chandni Bar
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Healthy South Indian Cooking

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Bollywood Cafe

If you believe - " Health is Wealth" . Click Here
Symphony of Colors at the Republic Day Celebration
January 26th, 2002, temperature outside at 5 PM is in the region of 55 degrees. Driving along the Burlington road you may notice not only a weekend traffic but plenty of joggers reveling in the spring like weather. While many of us were taking this sprint, many other Desis, an estimated 1,100 of them were in fact making their way to the Burlington High school dressed in their Saturday best. The occasion, to enjoy the IAGB organized Republic day cultural event. more...

Asia's First Psychomotor Lab Takes Shape at Ahmedabad - Lokvani Talks to Dr. Dinesh Patel
To many doctors in India, going abroad to acquaint themselves with the latest technology remains a distant dream due to lack of money or opportunity. Now this dream has come closer to home, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Dinesh Patel, Chief of Arthroscopic Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital. more ...

Fashionable Indian Influences
Internationally Known Designer, Sheela Mehrotra-Joshi rocks the World of Fashion.There has been a surge in international influence on the world of western fashion and India has been at the forefront of that wave. more.

When Rip Met Rishi
At first Rip could not understand this. How, and most important, why did Rishi like to be so 'Indian'? All along, he'd thought that living in America and being a true 'American' meant that one had to blend in completely, right? Then why did Rishi flaunt his Indianness so much? more...

Will - Legal Article
Attorney Kaplesh Kumar lays out some of the most basic and common estate plan document. more...

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