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Lokvani Talks to Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
"As immigrants we have this enormous raw material, which is often very painful and puts us in a position of conflict, which is very good for a writer," says Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. "We draw from a dual culture, with two sets of worldviews and paradigms juxtaposing each other."
more ...
Captivating Tunes, Engaging Songs, Saptaswar Music Concert
"This is an remarkably talented group" Mohan Somasundaram says of the performers. "The chemistry between them is tremendous and it comes through in their performance." more...


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Nuvvu Naaku Nacchevu


Temple Celebrates the Tenth Anniversary of Nrityanjali
The basement of the Ashland temple resounded with the sounds of bells and classical dance music when over hundred Indian Classical dancers from all over New England gathered together more...

5th Season Celebration of Boston Arts TV Show 'It's All About Arts' Spotlights Indian Artists
On March 5th, over 200 artists and art enthusiasts gathered at the Dreams of Freedom Museum to celebrate the kick off of the 5th season of BNN TV 9 show 'It's All About Arts'. more...

Town Meeting in Worcester, MA
Distinguished panel including state representative, city councilman, assistant attorney general and police chief imparts message of awareness education and action. more...

Featured Organization, Indus Women
The Indus Women is an organization for women entrepreneurs, corporate executives and professionals. Its goal is to foster entrepreneurial and professional development of women with roots or interest in the Indus region.

Humor: My Slim Fast Story
Firmly believing in the maxim, that to lose more is to gain less in matters of weight loss, here is my take on it... more...

Why Lagaan?
Movie buffs Dr Roy John and Dr Meena Sundaram counter Mr. Ram's question "why Lagaan".
1. Dr. Roy John
2. Dr. Meena Sundaram

I Hold in My Hand...The Future of My World
Nikita Nadkarni, a Fourth Grader shares an award winning poem. more...

New York, New York!
The twin World Trade Center towers were so much more fascinating to me than the much acclaimed, historic, ornate, and prestigious Empire State Building. more...

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