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The Lokvani Team Gives Thanks, Happy Turkey Day, Y'all
Here's wishing the readers, contributors and patrons of Lokvani a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for being there for us and do let us return the favor some day. more...
Lokvani Talks To Darshan Thakkar
Darshan Thakkar, Attorney at Law in an unusual combination of practising law and pursuing writing talks to Lokvani more...
Meet Meera Ramachandran: Writer and Scholar
In the stories of In Their Shadows…characters from our mythological heritage, like Dhruv, Vishvamithra, Savithri-Satyavan, Nal Damayanti and Kunti-Karan are reborn in our modern day world. What could be their thoughts, drives and goals now - in the post- feminist, scientifically advanced, politically correct milieu? more...

Meet Sunidhi Chauhan - A Legend In The Making
Sunidhi Chauhan has created waves in the music industry from the age of six. Winner of many prestigious awards this young star stole the heart of New Englanders when she performed at the bollywood talend show, held at the Berkelee Performance Center. She talked to Lokvani more...

Diwali Round Up
IARI Celebrates Diwali
IARI (Indian Association of Rhode Island) celebrated Diwali at the Bishop McQuiny Auditorium, RI recently. more...

Diwali - Kashmiri Style
During this holiday time, it seems that all Indians are celebrating in one way or another. On November 16th, the New England chapter of the Kashmiri Overseas Association (also known as KOA) had their annual Diwali party. more...

Priyadarshini Govind Delights Audience With A Near Perfect Performance
Endowed with stunning looks, a beautiful figure, and of course incredible talent, Priyadarshini Govind was successful in transporting her audience to a higher plane through her Bharatanatyam performance, which was sponsored by the Academy of Indian Performing Arts. more...
Interrogations - A Disturbing, Thought Provoking Play
There is moment in the play Interrogations when the audience seemed to stop breathing for one moment, the underlying tension choking its collective spirits. more...
Bollywood Talent Show
The Berkelee Performance Center was host last week to a unique show. A talent show for local artists was organized by the Bollywood Talent group. more...
Saptaswar and Udavum Karangal Present An Evening of Melodies
Saptaswar, the premier singing group of New England and Udavum Karangal, a registered non-governmental non-religious and Non-profit social service organization based in Chennai, India, are all set to host an entertaining evening of melodies on December 7, 2002, at the Keefe Tech in Framingham. more...

Call For Submissions: Poetry, Short Fiction, Personal Essays, Travelogues...For CATAMARAN!

Humor - Couch Surfing To Wipe The Winter Blues Away
I urge readers to try this exercise and you may score better than I do on this one ......Sometimes even a lazy inviting couch can be a source of creativity. more...

Movie Reviews
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
It is the season for movies and magic and Manaswini Garimella makes a pitch for the much awaited Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in her review about the film more...
Agni Varsha - The Fire and the Rain
Adapted from a play by Girish Karnad, and derived from the Myth of Yavakri, a part of the Mahabharatha, AgniVarsha is unusual not only in its subject matter but also in its seeming simplicity. more...
Book Reviews
Very few women in Indian mythology were strong enough to speak their own minds. Imagine then, my delight in coming across a novel in which Draupadi finally comes into her own. more...

Thanksgiving Recipes
Grandma's Time Tested Home Remedies

Youth Forum
How Secure do I Feel?
Reality is fear, uncertainty, joy and happiness. We face reality everyday in the choices we make and actions we take. So, I suppose that my sense of security changes from day to day, depending on how much of my reality I choose to face. more...

Our Lives
A short moving poem by a fourth grader Anisha Kalyani more...

Purslane - Neem
Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss. Meliaceae) is native to South Asia, specifically India. Neem tree is known to Indians as a sarva roga nivarini "living pharmacy" or "the curer of all ailments," because of its wide use alone or in combination with turmeric to treat several skin ailments, and bacterial infections. more...

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