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Lokvani Talks To Shannon O'Brien
We think that MA should be a gateway community, not only fostering recently arrived immigrants and making sure that they have a good life but also by forging a relationship with the countries that they left behind. more...

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In Conversation With Zakir Hussain
"This is an incredible art form. I am having a great time and I want to share it with everybody. Enjoy it, be happy" Zakir Hussain talks to us on his favorite topics more...
In Conversation With Author, Musician: Amit Choudhuri
Talking with author Amit Chaudhuri is a little like reading his work. Quiet, subtle and unassuming at first, the impact of his words take a while to strike home. more...
TiE-Boston's Business Summit - A Grand Success
Tie-Boston's annual business summit, "Beat the Odds: How to survive and thrive in this economy" created a lot of excitement more...
Walkathon Organized By AIF Celebrates Gandhi's Birth Anniversary
The morning of October 6th saw cheerful volunteers put up banners, display tables and colorful balloons in white, orange and green symbolizing the Indian flag to commemorate the 2nd Annual Gandhi Day walkathon organized by the American India Foundation more...

Arangetram Round Up
In this series we feature young debutante dancers who have had their Arangetrams recently. Lokvani invites contributions from all performers. You may send in an event review with one or two photographs or express yourself on what Arangetram meant to you to info@lokvani.com

Sravanthi Madala

Priyanka Srinivasan

Unique Meru Camp Brings A Cultural Discovery Of India
Meru Foundation,a non profit group headed by Vanita Shastri brought various fascinating facets of Indian culture, aesthetics, and tradition to the Boston community recently more...
KANE Celebrates Onam
Through this annual Onam celebration, KANE members reaffirmed their commitment to tradition, history, and community. more...
Featured Organization - Association For India's Development (AID)
This is the month of Gandhi's anniversary. Appropriately, we feature AID, the non profit group who believe strongly in the Gandhian philosophy of social justice, and as one active volunteer puts it "draws their inspiration in public and private action from Mahatma Gandhi." more...
Bollywood Talent - An Opportunity To Dance With The Stars!
Here is your chance to enter a dance and modelling competition to win grand prizes and an opportunity to meet and dance with the stars- Pooja Bhatra, Sunidhi Chauhan & Swarnamalya! more...
AID Offers A Musical Opportunity In Global Music Concert
The Kresge Auditorium in MIT will once again showcase a World Music Ensemble of renowned artists for music lovers. Dont miss this terrific opportunity more...

SAMTA Announces Mentor Training Event
Over the last two years, SAMTA has been an active participant in the lives of the international students at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. more...

Bollywood TV Announces Local Talent Hunt
Arun and Pretty Kool announce that Bollywood TV is interested in featuring local artists on their weekly show. more...
Film Screening Helps AASRA Raise Funds
A film screening at the new Bombay Cinema 2 raises funds for AASRA more...

Humor - Edible Complex
Breakfast is a big American joke, especially Monday through Friday. It's an illusion. more...

A Vision For India
India has the technology and knowledge base to provide for a comfortable living conditions for all her one billion people and the many more millions that will be added in the next decades. more...

Israel Palestine Face Off - Debate Concluding Part
The second and concluding part of the debate more...



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