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Lokvani Talks to Harish and Binita Dang
"We look forward to the Udit Narayan concert, it takes a lot of effort and coordination by the organizers to host such a concert in Boston, we have made every effort to bring only the highest quality of shows to our community. We hope that it will attract music lovers from all of New England." more...

Lokvani Reviews
Book review
Separate Journeys - a collection of short stories
Movie review


New Immigration Proposal Will Affect Tourist Visas
INS is considering regulatory changes that would result in most holders of tourist visas being allowed entry for a period of 30 days. more...

New England Youngsters Participate in Spelling Bee and Vocab Contests.
A report on the Spelling and Vocabulary Contests held in New England and organized by the North South Foundation. more...
Acton-Boxborough High School Student Wins Gold Award
On April 6, Le`santha Naidoo, was awarded her Girl Scout Gold Award. more...
Aasra Sponsors 'ABCD' Movie Screening and Panel Discussion.
AAINA is Born!
In a glitzy well-orchestrated event at the Burlington Marriot featuring Steve Grossman and other political celebrities, AAINA was born. more...
Internships for Students - A Successful Way to Increase Political Awareness
IAFPE-NE presented internship awards to students at a star-studded event featuring many local politicians. more...
Featured Organization - North South Foundation
As of today, the North South Foundation has disbursed as many as 1400 scholarships to children. more...
A Culture of Silence
In many Asian languages, there isn't even a specific word for domestic violence. Due to gender roles and expectations, the plight of the victim is often unheard. more...

Hindu Heritage Day Brings People of Different Nations Together
Several organizations in New England are coming together to celebrate Hindu Heritage day on May 5th at 4:00 pm in the John F. Kennedy Middle School in Waltham, MA. more...

Humor : Dial "M" for Queen Mum
We in the New World will miss you, Queenie Baby! Ta Ta! Good-bye, Tony! Adios, Charlie! Eat your Cheerios, y'all British bros more...

Opinion : A Casual Complicity
A reader bemoans the seeming indifference of the community to the recent events in India. more...

I am Angry
I began to compile a history of the Earth, and mankind's follies, how humanity had destroyed the Earth. Everything was ready.- a tale from beyond. more...

Meet Manisha Roy, Writer, Jungian analyst.
As my training and analysis continued I traveled further and deeper into territories of new knowledge and myself. The more I explored about the unknown corners of my psyche, the more I realized how central my 'Indian self' is for my identity. more...

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