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Lokvani Chats with Anand Vaishnav of the Boston Globe
At the young age of 27, Journalist Anand Vaishnav, has caught the attention of the Boston Globe readers with his regular reporting on education and among desis with a recent story on Arranged Marriages more...

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Meet Tara Deshpande, Film Actor, Writer, Model and Activist
Tara Deshpande, looking forward to the release of her new film, Govind Menon's 'Danger' co-starring Asutosh Rana, chats with Lokvani. more...

Purandara Dasara Aradhane - a Musical Revival by NEKK
New England Kannada Koota (NEKK) organized Purandara Dasara Aradhane last month to a successful celebration more...

Peace and Tranquility - The Art of Happy Living
Sri Sri Ravishankar's inspirational discourse brought a sense of peace and tranquility to the crowds that packed the Arlington Street church braving the rain and downtown traffic on Apil 25th more...

Indus Women Networking Event
'Staying paranoid and focused on your goals, even when things are bound to change' was the essence of a talk given by Sudha Jamthe,Co Founder and CEO of Coola, Inc. more...

Meditation Now - A Vipassana Talk by S.N. Goenka
S.N.Goenka, on his North American tour talks on Vipassana, a simple and practical way to achieve real peace of mind more...

IAMV's Holi Hangama
An exciting Holi Hangama special from the Indian Association of Merrimack Valley (IAMV) more...

Bihar Association Celebrates Holi with Great Style!
Warm greetings and cheer fill the air as all get ready for Bihar Association's Holi extravaganza more...
KANE's Vasantholsavam
The Kerala Association of New England sponsored Vasantholsavam, a cultural program, which doubled as a talent show, giving artists, young and old, a chance to participate and display their abilities on stage more...

A Seminar on Eastern Religions
Narain Bhatia, an active member of the Indo-American community was among the three speakers who presented a talk in a program called 'Putting a face on religion and culture' more...

People of Different Nations and Traditions Gather to Celebrate Hindu Heritage Day
Chinese Buddhists, Thai Hindus, people from Cambodia and Sri Lanka joined hands with many Indian organizations in a spectacular celebration

Gujarat Events - A Viewpoint
Hemandra Acharya was in Gujarat during the violence and presents his perspective more...

Goa, Oh Goa Come to Thee !
A poem written in a lighter vein more...

Inviting all Chess Enthusiasts to the CRY Online Chess Contest
CRY, Houston invites all chess lovers to participate in an online chess tournament more...

Bharathanatyam, A Poem from a Young Contributor
A passionate poem about Bharathanatyam by a young dancer more...

India of My Dreams
A sixth grader from India anguishes over India's problems and dreams of a better morrow more...

Mother's Day Greeting!
The lokvani team salutes all moms out there, you are the greatest! more...


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