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Lokvani Talks To Robert Reich, Demoratic Candidate For Governor
Robert Reich, one of the contenders for Democratic Party nomination to run for Governor of Massachusetts, has had a rich and varied career spanning the political and academic worlds.He spoke with Lokvani about his campaign for Governor and other issues. more...

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Hyderabad Blues


Another Feather In Its Cap - IAGB Celebrates The 55th Anniversary Of India's Independence
Heat, humidity and a thunderstorm forecast did not deter about 7000 desis from gathering at the Hatch Shell memorial grounds last Sunday, the 18th of August to mark Indian Independence Day. more...
Shveta Sinha is Miss India New England 2002
Shveta Sinha was crowned Miss India New England 2002 at the Miss Indian New England beauty pageant held at the Sorenson Theater in Babson College. Bijal Patel and Nehal Patel were the first and second runner ups. more...

Lokvani Sponsors a Free College Admission Workshop Confused about colleges? Do not know what your top choice college is looking for in their candidate? This free college workshop is for you! Come and meet the director of admissions more...

Democracy Is Not a Spectator Sport - Register to Vote
More and more foreign-born Indians, eligible to become citizens, are going through the naturalization process. However, many choose not to fully invest in the political process. Public policy can be influenced with informed and active participation in government. Collective electoral power can help bring improvements we seek for our community. more...

Tandoor: An Indo-Pak Culinary Delight
What happens when Indians and Pakistanis team up in New Hampshire? Great Indo-Pak cuisine of course. more...

Estate Planning Basics
Ask persons with too much wealth, the worries they carry on their head and it is likely that the foremost reply will be what to do with the wealth. Easiest solution will be to give it away, however many would prefer passing it on to their heirs. This is where, the estate planning starts for estates above $1.2 (rising to $2M by 2010) Million and above. more...

How I Chanced Upon A Great Learning Experience
Here it comes...the "addictive" email from Lokvani promptly appears in my inbox. Curious to know the goings on in the Desi community in the New England area, I read the news from Lokvani with a lot of interest. more...

Ask Chaachi Chichu...Advice Column
Chaachi Chichu wants to help humanity out with her keen insight into everything under the sun. Cooking, Gardening, domestic issues, immigration, you got a question, she's got the answer. We, at Lokvani, are fortunate to have her on our pages more...

A Sweet Homecoming
On my return home from India, I had a few good stories to tell you folks, but travel they say is the best part of an experience, so could not resist talking to you of my own. more...

Chaudhavin Ka Chand, Waheeda Rahman To Visit Boston
Waheeda Rahman gifted actress who made such memorable films like 'Guide, Chaudhvin ka Chand', 'Pyaasa', 'Reshma aur Shera' to name a few, is visiting Boston this month end at a fund raising event for Pratham, a literacy foundation. more...

Saheli offers English as a Second Language and Citizenship classes. more...

See You In Andalusia
Years of Moorish rule have left a strong Islamic imprint on the artwork and architecture of Spain. The Alhambra, a massive Moorish palace on a hillside overlooking Granada, and the gardens, is a must see on any visit to that country. more...

On Patriotism
It is in the first and last named that a sense of patriotism can logically be explained - the first, because it is an embodiment of acquisition as an extension of a culture to which the conquistadors and their descendants were born; the second, because there was the exercise of active choice. As with religion, it is the converts (to use the term loosely) who make the most eloquent and fervent promoters of their new choices, in this case, of domicile. more...

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