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India is definitely in the news nowadays. Sonia Gandhi resigns as an MP in a surprise move and the stock market scales the 11,000 mark for the first time. Also in this issue, sign a petition, answer the quiz, take our poll and catch up with all that is happening around us. [more]

Lokvani Talks To Vijay Kumar

(This article is sponsored by Attorney Trupti Patel)
Assistant Provost and Director of Academic Computing at MIT, Kumar plays a key role in promoting the effective integration of information technology in MIT education. As an honorary advisor to India's National Knowledge Commission, he hopes to develop ecology for sustainable transformation of education and research in India. [more]

In Conversation With Dan Nainan, Stand Up Comedian

(This article is sponsored by Dakshin)
My comedy is 100% clean. I don't do any sexual or profane material, and I also don't pick on anybody in the audience. The guideline I have always used is this -- is this material I can do in front of my very conservative Indian/Japanese parents and not be embarrassed? - Dan Nainan, Stand Up Comedian. [more]

Bollywood Baatein

(This article is sponsored by Monique Kornfeld, Esq.)
Abhisek tells all about Aishwarya. Is romance really in the air? Are the rumours we have been hearing true. Read Bollywood Baatein to know what Abhishek has to say. [more]

Technology - Portable Audio Players

The iPod. A trendsetter, a fashion statement, a marvel of technology or as Steve Jobs puts it, a cultural phenomenon. How did Apple finally get it right, leave the competition miles behind and create, probably the most successful consumer electronics product ever? [more]

Tryst With Power - India Conference 2006

For India to keep progressing, "Every Indian should take one public issue and become an authority on it, stand up to intellectual challenge, focus on depth in addition to breadth, be a lobby for excellence in India and beam the world to India," suggested Shourie at the India Conference 2006 at Harvard Business School on Sunday March 12. [more]

Russell Peters, Stand Up Comic Performs At Wellesly College

Peters deserves the reputation he has, as a Really Funny comedian. It's about time we all laughed. [more]

Dancing Duo Delights

The dancing duo Jeyanthi Ghatraju and Prakruti Mavanur presented a delightful recital at Chinmaya Maruti. [more]

South Asians In The Media

The Boston Chapter of the Network of South Asian Professionals (NetSAP-Boston) recently organized a panel entitled "South Asians in the Media" in Boston on February 23rd. The event was a success with a great turn-out. [more]

Health And Nutrition: Skin Care In Winter

Winter weather along with indoor heating strips the skin of its natural oils and moisturizing factor for even the oiliest of skin types. Here are few tips to say 'Aloha' to chapped, rough, itchy winter hands and lips. [more]

Asha Bhosle And Kronos Quartet Concert

World Music presents the Kronos Quartet and Asha Bhosle performing India Calling: Songs from R. D. Burman's Bollywood featuring special guests Wu Man and Zakir Hussain on Sunday, April 9, 7:30 pm at the Berklee Performance Center. [more]

Magical Moments On Sitar Featuring Ustad Irshad Khan

Raagmaala brings 'Magical Moments on Sitar' featuring an exquisite Sitar performer Ustad Irshad Khan with Nitin Mitta on Tabla on Saturday, April 1 at the Blackstone Theater in Cumberland, RI [more]

Kabeer: Musical Play In Hindi

Sounds of India and Chandu Shah present the musical mono act play that depicts the exciting life story of the great reformist, poet and philosopher KABEER on April 23. [more]

Holi: Disciple And Divinity Over Passion And Virtue Over Vice

Holi is one of the most festive, joyous holidays of the year marked by great revelry during which everyone paints each other with brightly colored powders. It also means sacrifice, and celebration of divinity and discipline over passion and virtue over vice. [more]

Political Internship: An Experience Of A Lifetime

The IAFPE political internship with State Representative Jay R. Kaufman of Lexington helped me with networking and experience of helping others out of it! [more]

Now That I May Be Ready To Buy A Home - What Next?

(This article is sponsored by Praful Thakkar)
Procrastinating the home buying process is not beneficial. But you know nothing - or perhaps you know so much that you do not know what to believe and what not to. Here is help with this dilemma, Sometimes, not knowing something is better than knowing too much. [more]

For The Mathematically Inclined

Congratulations to Sameera Ayyagary, Virinchi Balabhadraputrani, Sandeep Bansal, Aseem Chandawarkar, Samik Chattopadhyay, Somnath Chattopadhyay, Dattatrya Joshi, Kavitha Muralidharan, Madhavi Muralidharan, Sarthak Pani, Suryateja Rao, Ashvin Sangoram and Ramya Tamisetti, who were winners of the last set of puzzles. Here is one puzzle for kids and one for adults. [more]

Music Review - Banares - A Mystic Love Story

(This article is sponsored by Sounds Of India)
The 'Rocking' Himesh Reshammiya has tried to prove his prowess in core Indian music with mixed results. The track 'Rang Dalo' may add some color to Holi gatherings! [more]

Film Preview - In Search Of Bahubali

'Jain Enlightenment' invites French actress Ondine Verges to attend Mahamasthabhisheka to produce first film 'In search of Bahubali'. [more]

Book Review - Frangipani

There is a word that describes a father-son relationship: filial. But there is no real correspondent to a mother-daughter relationship. This may be one of the reasons why Celestine Vaite's novel Frangipani is so refreshing; it is an exploration of a relationship between the mother and her daughter. [more]

Recipes - Festive Foods For Ugadi And Gudi Padva

Traditional festive food on the occasion of Ugadi and Gudi Padva. [more]


I thought His heart is bad..., but his eyes are bad too!!! [more]

Laugh A While!

Tech Support: What does the screen say now? Caller: It says 'Hit ENTER when ready.'
Tech Support: Well? Caller: How do I know when it's ready?

Cricket Corner - Howzzat

A rampant England side clinched a famous series-levelling win on the final day at Mumbai as India caved in for a paltry 100, chasing 313 for victory. [more]

Photo Of The Fortnight

Can you guess this famous fort in this picture? [more]

Thought For The Day

There is no single plant on Earth without any medicinal value -Charaka -Ayurvedic Physician 5 B.C. [more]

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