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SriRama Charita Manasa Akhanda Parayanam
This is our 12th anniversary of celebrating the Akhanda Ramayana Parayanam in the Temple. We are looking forward to your participation and sponsorship. It will be extremely helpful if you would let us know by e-mail at if you could join in the Parayanam so that we can schedule the continued reading. All are invited to participate in the beginning Samkalpa and the concluding Arati.

Followed by Bhajans, Arati and Prasada

mangala bhavana amangala haarii dravau so dasaratha ajira bihaarii

Date: 04/01/2006
Location: SriLakshmi Temple, Ashland, Mass
Time: 9:00 am (Sat) - 11:00 am (Sun)

Contact: : Bijoy Misra 617-864-5121, Bharat Davé 508-655-2614, Awadh Pandey 508-699-1060, Radha Narayana 508-881-9585 or Prabhu Rathi 617-232-4697.

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