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November: A month of thankfulness and gratitude to Nature and the seasons. Check out our new columns on Astrology and Money Matters while the local calendar has exciting events in store for you. [more]

Lokvani Talks To Geeta Murali

(This article is sponsored by Attorney Trupti Patel)
"Music is a tool to help build a closer connection with the Supreme Being," says Geetha Murali, a highly sought after Carnatic vocalist and music teacher in New England. Geetha talked to Lokvani about music in both performance and teaching. She will be performing on Nov. 4 at the National Heritage Museum in Lexington. [more]

In Conversation With Arvind Kejriwal

"RTI brings a ray of hope to many people who had become cynical and believed that nothing could be done to remove corruption and bring good governance in India," says Ramon Magsaysay Emergent Leadership award winner Arvind Kejriwal, whose work has enabled the poorest citizens to fight corruption. [more]

Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease) And Heart Disease

Gum disease also known as Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the gums, bone and periodontal ligament (attachment fibers that support the teeth and hold them in the jaw). [more]

Bollywood Baatein

(This article is sponsored by Monique Kornfeld, Esq.)
Aishwarya Rai turned 33 on October 31. Is the rumor that she will be marrying Abhishek true? Let's see what the beauty queen likes to do on her birthday. Another bollywood star celeberates birtday today. Can you guess who is it? [more]

Anoushka Shankar Gets A Standing Ovation At Berkeley Performance Center

(This article is sponsored by Copper Pages)
Anoushka Shankar's concert organized by World of Music in Boston brought a captivated and appreciative audience. [more]

Harish Dang Receives Community Service Award

United India Association presented Sounds of India host Harish Dang with a community service award at their Diwali celebrations held in Brookline, MA. [more]

Kaifi Aur Main Starring Shabana Azmi And Javed Akhtar

Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar will be starring in the theatrical show Kaifi Aur Main, a celebration of renowned Urdu poet and film lyricist Kaifi Azmi's life, at the Collins Center for Peforming Arts, Andover, MA on November 10th. This is a show not to be missed! [more]

PEM Opens Epic India: Paintings By M.F. Husain

On Nov. 4, 2006, the Peabody Essex Museum opens Epic India: Paintings by M.F. Husain - an exhibition that focuses on the artist's 40-year fascination with India's greatest epic, the Mahabharata. [more]

Chinese And Indians Share Common History

It is more than a coincidence that Chinese, Hindus and Muslims each had national holidays in their honour this October! [more]

Telugu Association Of Greater Boston Celebrates Deepavali With Myriad Performances

Telugu Association of Greater Boston (TAGB) had a successful turn out and an entertaining evening at their Deepavali event with Dr Ghazal Srinivas and Kuchipudi dance drama ' Mohini Bhasmasura'by Natyakalaratna Sri Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma. [more]

IANH Holds Diwali Celebration

The India Association of New Hampshire held its 2006 Diwali Festival on Oct. 14 in Nashua. More than 600 people attended. [more]

Seniors In Connecticut Enjoy Multi Faceted Activities - Part II

Despite their years of experience and having taught the youth, senior citizens take a lesson or two of the enthusiasm and energy that the youth have for life. They also try to imbibe it in their daily lives. [more]

Arangetram - Devika Gireesh

Devika Gireesh, senior at Boston University Academy, completed her Arangetram on September 3rd, 2006. The performance took place at Boston University, where over 200 of Devika's friends and family gathered to witness her symbolic completion of training in Indian classical dance. Her diligent practice along with the help of a highly accomplished orchestra paid off and her performance was a success. [more]

IAGB Presents Food Festival And A College Workshop With Lokvani

Mark your calendars for November 4th for an invaluable Free College Admissions Workshop and a Food festival. [more]

The Akshaya Patra Foundation Launches US Operations

The Akshaya Patra Foundation, the world’s largest NGO-run school lunch program, announced the opening of its United States offices in Stoneham, MA and that Shikha Bhatnagar will be the founding Executive Director for Akshaya Patra USA. [more]

IIT Madras Alumni Association Organizes A Talk By Prof. Subra Suresh

Subra Suresh, Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT, will give a talk on Protein Effects on Cell Biomechanics and their Consequences for Human Diseases on November 6 at MIT. [more]

Tejas Rao Wins The 2006 NSF Junior Vocabulary Contest

Tejas Rao from Maynard, MA won the Junior Vocabulary contest as part of the 14th Annual North South Foundation Championships recently held at Northwestern University. [more]

Money Matters

In this issue of money matters we look at the changes in currency and bullion. We have added prices of few stocks and there is a challenge for the forecasters. [more]

For The Mathematically Inclined

Congratulations to Ruby Bansal, Sandeep Bansal, Anindaya Basu, Suhas Joglekar, Dattatraya Joshi, Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Samir Mehta, Samita Mohan, Indira Nouduri and Ranga Raghupati, who were winners of the last set of puzzles. Here is one puzzle for kids and one for adults. [more]

Music Review - Dhoom 2

(This article is sponsored by Sounds Of India)
This much awaited track by Pritam does not quite match up to the original. [more]

Film Review - Don

Then there is the completely absurd chase through the streets of Kuala Lumpur in the second half, when Don and Roma randomly chance upon an all-desi party somewhere in the back alleys... But I'll leave you all to form your own opinions about that. Because no matter what, you will watch Don. [more]

Book Review - 100 Best Pilgrimage Centers In India

Even for those remotely interested in pilgrimages, the book is "a journey into an India that is greatly visited but little seen, it is also a revealing introduction into the histories, culture and traditions that weave the fabric of our secular nation." [more]

Recipes - Pumpkin Special

Try these recipes for all those leftover pumpkins of Halloween. [more]

Akashvani - Astrology

This fortnight check what is is in store for you in our popular Astrology Column from Daivagya Shastriji. [more]

Cricket Corner - Howzzat

The combination of India and Champions Trophy has been a nightmare for Australia twice in the past, but Ricky Ponting and Co. finally ended that jinx, thrashing India by six wickets to emphatically move into the semi-finals of the tournament. [more]

Classified - Town House For Sale In Shrewsbury

See this beautiful 2215 sq.ft. Duplex Townhouse with no condo fees for sale at The Ternberry Landings, Shrewsbury, MA for $379,900. [more]

Photo Of The Fortnight

House with spooky corners! [more]

Thought For The Day

(This article is sponsored by epuja)
"Laughter brings a sense of lightness and freshness and infuses a new spirit" - Tenali Ramakrishna. [more]

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Event Update
Friday - 11/3/06
SAMMY! - The Word That Broke An Empire Apart / MA
Lectures by Acharya Gaurangbhai
Techniques of Meditation
Saturday - 11/4/06
Domains of Wonder: Masterworks of Indian Painting / MFA
SAMMY! - The Word That Broke An Empire Apart / CT
Epic India: Paintings by M.F. Husain
Satyanarayana Pooja by Pandit Srinivasa Shastry
Lectures by Acharya Gaurangbhai
College Workshop / IAGB & Lokvani
Indira Sari Sale
Techniques of Meditation
IAGB Food Festival
Umass Lowell Garba-Raas
Sunday - 11/5/06
Domains of Wonder: Masterworks of Indian Painting / MFA
Manilal Mag - Sitar / MITHAS
Lectures by Acharya Gaurangbhai
Indira Sari Sale
Techniques of Meditation
Health Workshop - The Boston Thamil Cenetr
Hindustani Semi-Classical concert - Pooja Goswami
Monday - 11/6/06
Protein Effects on Cell Biomechanics and their Consequences for Human Diseases - Prof. Suresh / MIT
Tuesday - 11/7/06
5th AIF Bay Area Summit / CA
Wednesday - 11/8/06
Social Entrepreneurship - Opportunities to Connect / TiE
Free Health Stop
Thursday - 11/9/06
Second Wind - Film Directed by Daryl Silva
Friday - 11/10/06
SAMMY! - The Word That Broke An Empire Apart / NY
Diwali Nite / Sangam-MIT
Advanced Yoga
Kaifi Aur Main
From Next To Now - Weekend-long Celebration of Asian American Arts
Laugh Out Loud and Support Education / NY
Diwali Nite 2006
Saturday - 11/11/06
Domains of Wonder: Masterworks of Indian Painting / MFA
SAMMY! - The Word That Broke An Empire Apart / NY
Diwali / NEMM
Boston Bhangra Competition 2006
Diwali Celebration 2006
NGF's Annual Fundraiser / Diwali Function
From Next To Now - Weekend-long Celebration of Asian American Arts
Diwali - MMNA and Rajasthanis of New England
Sunday - 11/12/06
Domains of Wonder: Masterworks of Indian Painting / MFA
SAMMY! - The Word That Broke An Empire Apart / NY
Annual Banquet
Mrs. Kumkum Sanyal - Sings Khayal and Bhajans
Annual Grand Banquet
13th Annual Dance Recital - Triveni School
Tuesday - 11/14/06
Challenges and Opportunities for India, a Comparative Perspective / TiE
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