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Lokvani Talks To Clark Siddiqui, Immigration Attorney
"There are no two cases that are the same", says Clark Siddiqui, Immigration Attorney, "Each time I create a folder for my client, I realized that there is a life behind it." more...
Community Stalwarts - Narain and Vidya Bhatia
To Lexingtonians, the Bhatias are a ubiquitous presence in the mainstream scene, involved to their very core in activities that elevate and sustain this diverse community. more...
Technology - (Sponsored by The Boston Group)
Macromolecular Crystallography: Its Role In Understanding Disease And In Drug Development

Technological advances of the established crystallographic procedures have become an obligatory and essential component of the drug discovery process. more...
Bollywood Baatein
The Big Bachhan is ready for Hollywood, we are glad to report. more...
KARYSHMA Rocks The House At Wellesley
Karyshma's repertoire of influences and instruments seduced one into new depths of musical rapture. more...
Leader Mortgage Named Fifth Fastest Growing Company For Second Consecutive Year
Leader Mortgage Company, Inc. was ranked 5th in the Boston Business Journal's List of the Area's Fastest Growing Private Companies. more...
Indian Americans In Burlington Talk To Town Candidates
Rita and Rajesh Shah hosted a lunch on March 20th for four candidates from the Town of Burlington, who are running for re-election for various elected positions. more...

World Boston Holds A Talk On India, Pakistan And The Disputed Kashmir
World Boston, the largest non profit in International affairs organized a talk on India, Pakistan and Disputed Kashmir by Ayesha Jalal, Professor of History, Tufts University on March 10th in Boston. more...

India Foreign Ministry Secretary C. M. Bhandari Addresses UMD Indic Studies Seminar
UMASS Dartmouth's Center for Indic Studies hosted a special seminar conducted by Mr. C. M. Bhandari, the Joint Secretary for the Ministry of External Affairs, India. more...
Holi Celebrations
Last weekend's Holi Hungama brought back nostalgic memories of Holi celebrations in India. more...
Youth Forum - The Toilet Operas And Ritualistic Theatre
The inherent problem is that I can never appreciate this kind of concrete, linear, conventional theatre, for I cannot forget that these are simply actors on a stage, acting out a situation that is not real. more...
Theater Review - The Toilet Operas
"The Toilet Operas" is a very sophisticated homage - both an epitome and farce - to Miro and his uber-real friends. more...
For The Mathematically Inclined
Congratulations to R. Dhillon, R. Kulkarni, R. Mirchandani, P. Mutalik, A. Shah and S. Shah who were winners of the last set of puzzles. Here is one puzzle for kids and one for adults. more...
Music Review - Main Hoon Na
Sponsored by Sounds of India)

In Main Hoon na, Malik brings back some of the old world charm that permeated all of RD Burman's compositions. more...
My Thoughts on the Veer Savarkar Movie
I know that you are unhappy, but is it not acceptable for a few families to suffer for the good of a whole country? - Veer Savarkar to his wife. more...
Film Review - Munnabhai MBBS
Tapori with a heart of gold, a hugging thug if you may! That is Munnabhai MBBS aka Murli Prasad Sharma for you. more...
Book Review - Tales From Indian Epics
The author H.R. Chandrasekhar has rewritten some of these timeless classics in a clear, engaging and entertaining manner. more...
Recipes - Burmese Dishes
(Sponsored by Milan Restaurant)
Sample some of these Burmese Dishes. more...
Jokes - Weathering The Weather Blues
Don't knock the weather; nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in awhile! more...
Humor - E-nglish
Now that the SMS is the mantra of the day, people communicate by telephone without actually opening their mouths. more...
While the participants had fun celebrating Holi, they were also contributing to Ved Mandir, a NGO in J&K working for the victims of terrorism. more...
Akhand Japa Marks Chaitra Navaratri At Satsang Center
On March 21st, the first day of "Chaitra Navaratri", around 150 people took part over a 12-hour period in the "Akhand Japa" held at Satsang Center. more...

Opinion: A Republican Viewpoint
We Indians should work hard to get a place and voice in the Republican Party. more...

Conference To Consider "The Future Of Secularism"
An international conference on "The Future of Secularism" will take place Friday-Saturday, March 26-27, at Yale University. more...

Preview - Between The Lines: Negotiating South Asian LBGT Identity
'Between the Lines' is a festival of film, video, readings and discussion that will be held at MIT between April 1-3, 2004. more...

Preview - Fire to Ice by Sudarshan Belsare
Using an array of media, including puppets and video, Bharathanatyam dancer Belsare presents an expressive and unique dance interpretation of the epic of Draupadi. more...
Picture Of The Fortnight
Thought For The Day
Some quotes on recent cricket series. more...

Event Update
Thursday - 03/25/04
- Art of Living Course in Boston University
- MFA Cinema India: Everybody Says I Am Fine
- Study of Shankaracharya Vivekachudamani
Friday - 03/26/04
- Vishal Bhagwati Jagran
- Bhangra
- MFA Cinema India: Everybody Says I Am Fine
- Success in Meditation / Swami Adiswarananda
- Indian Speed Dating Event
- The Future of Secularism / South Asia At Yale
Saturday - 03/27/04
- NSF Spelling, Vocabulary and Math Bee
- Showcase India 2004 / ISW
- Holi Milan / IAMV
- Shadja Gandhar / NEMM
- Sri Rama Charita Manasa Akhanada Parayanam
- The Proud Peacock Showcase Spring Sale
- The Future of Secularism / South Asia At Yale
- MFA Cinema India: Everybody Says I Am Fine
Sunday - 03/28/04
- Satsang / Sadhu Vaswani Center
- Swapna and Rahul Ray / Rabindra Sangeet
- Sri Rama Charita Manasa Akhanada Parayanam
- Mata Ka Jagran / Sarvadev Mandir
- MFA Cinema India: Everybody Says I Am Fine
Monday - 03/29/04
- A WorldBoston event: U.S.-Pakistani Relations
Tuesday - 03/30/04
- The Election: Political Predictions and Economic Consequences
Thursday - 4/1/04
- Navavarana Puja Classes
- MFA Cinema India: Everybody Says I Am Fine
Friday - 4/2/04
- George Ruckert - Sarod
- Harvard/MIT Singles Social & Speed Dating Event
- Sahitya Goshthhi, Hindi Literature in the Diaspora / South Asia At Yale
- Rethinking Images of South Asia/ South Asia At Yale
Saturday - 4/3/04
- JCGB Mahavir Jayanti Celebration
- Music Book Reading / Manisha
- Rhythm Underfoot: An Evening of Percussive Dance
- Navavarana Puja Classes
- Indira Sari Sale
- Sahitya Goshthhi, Hindi Literature in the Diaspora / South Asia At Yale
- Rethinking Images of South Asia/ South Asia At Yale
Sunday - 4/4/04
- NSF Spelling, Vocabulary and Math Bee
- Indira Sari Sale
- Sri Thyagaraja Aradhana
- Harvard Business School India Business Conference
Monday - 4/5/04
- Gandhi: The Politics of Modernity / South Asia At Yale
Wednesday - 4/7/04
- Lecture Demonstration and Violin Concert
Thursday - 4/8/04
- Dinner with Jagjit Singh
- The Music of South India - A Workshop for Western Musicians
Friday - 4/9/04
- Jagjit Singh / Live-In-Concert
- Fire to Ice - A Provocative Interpretation of Indian Epic

More events