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Lokvani Talks To Aishwarya Rai
"I would have liked to shake every hand, to sign every autograph but it was not possible due to various reasons." more...
Catching Up With Subu Kota
Subu Kota, the President and CEO of The Boston Group talks to Lokvani about his passion for community service and using entrepreneurship as the tool to make a difference. more...
In Conversation With John Wood
"I believe in the inherent goodness of putting a book in a child's hand" says John Wood, Founder, Room to Read. The extraordinary story of this group and its foray into India. more...
Technology - (Sponsored by The Boston Group)
Bent Out Of Shape: Misfolded Proteins And Disease

Proteins are the workhorses of living cells. There is an enormous diversity of protein structures in the human genome. more...
Eight New Englanders Receive Global Indus Technovator's Award
(Event Review - Sponsored by
Vakili & Associates)
Eight South Asians from New England were felicitated at the Global Indus Technovator's awards ceremony held at MIT. more...
IAFPE Holds Its Annual General Body Luncheon
Preeta Bansal, Carol Rose, Richard Cole and Jeevan Ramapriya were the featured speakers at the IAFPE Annual General Body Luncheon. more...
NetSAP Picks New Leaders At Annual Holiday Event
NetSAP held its Elections on November 20th, bringing in a slew of new officers to the Executive Board. more...
Bollywood Baatein
Bollywood masala is spicier than ever! Look who is doing what… more...
Rasarang's First Annual Performance
Poornima Risbud and her students presented an evening of Bharatanatyam at Broad Meadows Middle School in Quincy. more...
KANE's Evening Of Melodies And Laughter
Visiting artists from the Kalabhavan School in Kochi regaled the audience with jokes and imitations that spiced up the show. more...
Neena Gulati's Triveni Dance School Open A New Branch
Due to an overwhelming demand in the community for Indian Classical dance instruction, Triveni is starting a new branch in Reading. more...
NELA's Holiday Party And Technology Showcase
Celebrate the holiday season with the New England Learning Association's cocktail party and vendor showcase. more...

PUJA Exhibiton And Sale
Puja, the unique gift store, invites you to an Exhibition-Cum-Sale of exclusive gifts from India. more...

Ten Common Mistakes Of First Time Home Buyers
Some common mistakes made by first time home buyers. more...
Community Shout Outs
December is very special because we have so many birthdays (just imagine, one twelfth of the worlds population was born in December! Whew!) celebrate! more...
For The Mathematically Inclined
Congratulations to Jayakrishnan Menon, Raghav Ranjan, Mukund Seshadri and Sumanth Shankar, who were all winners of the last puzzle. Here is one puzzle for kids and one for adults. more...
Restaurant Review - Bollywood Grill
The cheerful greeting at the door was a good start to a delightful lunch experience. more...
Recipes - Powders, Podis Call Them By Any Other Name (Sponsored by Milan Restaurant)
Spice up your curries and your rice with these blend of powders - An Andhra Speciality. more...
Film Review - Calcutta Mail
Calcutta Mail, despite its lofty aspirations makes one want to yell "stop I want to get off this train!" more than once during the journey. more...
Music Review - Tehzeeb
(Sponsored by Sounds of India)
In Tehzeeb, the musical genius A R Rahman offers a mixed bag of melodies, some good, some mediocre and a couple of wince-inducing duds. more...
Book Review - The Chopra Center Cookbook
Liven your senses, heighten your awareness of nutritious food and follow a healthy lifestyle - this is the essence of The Chopra Center Cookbook. more...
Vintage Fare - O. S. Thyagarajan Concert Review
MITHAS recently hosted one of the brightest stars of Carnatic music - Shri O. S. Thyagarajan. more...

Pure Politics: Voting Smart In 2004
Project Impact, organized a three-part series focusing on the 2004 Presidential Elections. more...

Recital By Padmabhushan Prabha Atre Enthralls Audience
Learnquest Academy and NEMM organized a concert by the legendary Hindustani Classical musician, Padmabhushan Dr. Prabha Atre. more...

Jokes - A Barrel Full Of Laughs
Let us spread some holiday cheer with these jokes. more...

Did we hear you say "I Love Trivia", then look no further. Email in your answer to win 5 DVD Rentals. more...

Ashland Temple Responds To Temple Incident
Official reaction from Jay Srinivasan, Chairman of the Board of NEHTI. more...

Picture Of The Fortnight
Thought For The Day
Quotes on winter by Kalidasa and Shakespeare. more...

Event Update
Thursday - 12/04/03
- MFA Cinema India: Dil Chahta Hai
- Study of Shankaracharya Vivekachudamani
Friday - 12/5/03
- Bollywood Talent Show 2003 / POSTPONED
- Bhagwati Maa Ki Chowki
- Indian Handicrafts Exhibition Cum Sale
Saturday - 12/6/03
- Guru Daxina Utsav
- MFA Cinema India: Dil Chahta Hai
- Bollywood Talent Show 2003 / POSTPONED
- Classical Dance Performance
- Beyond Bollywood / Screening Of Tapish And Bombay Boys/ Spend An Afternoon With Bollywood Star Tara Deshpande
- Indira Sari Sale
- Integrated Yoga
- GarbaFest 2003
- Indian Handicrafts Exhibition Cum Sale
Sunday - 12/7/03
- Indira Sari Sale
- Essay Writing Contest / IDRF
- Indian Handicrafts Exhibition Cum Sale
Tuesday - 12/9/03
- Learning For The Holidays
- Art of Living Course in Oxford, MA
Thursday - 12/11/03
- Art of Living Course in Oxford, MA
Friday - 12/12/03
- Indian Handicrafts Exhibition Cum Sale
Saturday - 12/13/03
- Book Reading Event
- Rediscovering Sanskrit Literature
- Singing Christmas Tree
- Indian Handicrafts Exhibition Cum Sale
Sunday - 12/14/03
- Indian Handicrafts Exhibition Cum Sale
Saturday - 12/20/03
- Shri Gosainjis Pragtyotsav/Satsang
Sunday - 12/21/03
- Saheli Holiday Soiree
Wednesday - 12/31/03
- New Year Eve Celebration / Patidar Samaj
- Essay Writing Contest
Saturday - 2/14/04
- Valentine
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