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Singing Christmas Tree
Welcome to the SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE of Riverside. Featuring:- Live Drama Cast. Computerized Lights. Riverside's "Worship Choir"

Date: 12/13/2003
Location: Riverside Church 15 Lowell Blvd. - Methuen, MA 01844, USA. Phone: 978 764-9522 (c)
Time: 5:15 pm

Organized By: South Asian Christian Fellowship

Cost: Free Admission. Please contact if attending.

Food: Free Food. Please contact JShaker at 978 764 9522 if attending.

Contact: J.Shaker 978 764 9522 JShaker@SAFNE.com

Web: www.SAFNE.com
Email: JShaker@SAFNE.com
Directions: * From I-93, take exit # 46. * Enter the rotary and follow Rt. 110 West. * Proceed for approximately 1.5 miles. * The church is on the right side, shortly past MKS Instruments Ltd.

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