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Rasarang’s First Annual Performance

Ranjani Saigal

Poornima Risbud and her students presented an evening of Bharatanatyam at Broad Meadows Middle School in Quincy on Saturday November 15, 2003.

About the Teacher - Poornima Risbud received her Bharatanatyam training under Natyakala Prapurne Smt. Nirmala Manjunath of Banglore, India. After completing her training in Bharatanatyam, she studied Kathak. She has done her “Vidwat” in dance. Rasarang was formed five years ago to teach Bharatanatayam to youngsters. Poornima Risbud is a very active in many of the Indian organizations in New England. She has choreographed several folk dances that have been performed at community gatherings.

The first annual performance of Rasrang was a traditional Bharatanatyam recital. It began with a Pushpanjali rendered by Ira Padhye, Shachi Risbud and Pallavi Nagesha. This was followed by a Thishra Jathi Allarippu by Anushuleena Vipparala, Prananthi Ganni and Poojita Ganni and a Chathushra Jathi Allarippu by Ira Padhye, Shachi Risbud and Pallavi Nagesha. Shachi Risbud performed Gajamukane Ganapathiye, a Kirtanam in honor of Lord Ganesha. This young dancer presented the item with poise and grace. Ira Padhye presented the famous Dikshitar Kriti – Vatapi Ganapathim Bhajeham in Ragam Hamsadwani. The choreography was interesting.

Five year old Anirudh Nagesha stole the show as he played the role of Krishna in the ever popular Purandarasa Krithi "Gumana Krayaridhe" where Krishna pretending to afraid of the "Guma" promises to behave. The role of Yashodha was played by Pallavi who is Anirudh's mother. The dance beautifully brought out the “Krishna –Yashodha” relationship.

Poornima Rishbud presented the last two items of the program. Antahpure Geete composed by Eni Mahanadave set to Ragam Hindolam was a unique piece that described the beautiful sculptures of Belur and Halebid. Poornima’s poses were picture perfect and clearly brought forth the beauty of the sculptures. Poornima ended the recital with a Tillana in Ragam Kapi and the traditional Mangalam. Though the dance was performed to taped music, the singer's excellent voice and musicianship added a beautiful touch.

Lokvani congratulates Rasarang on its debut recital!

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