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Neena Gulati's Triveni Dance School Open A New Branch

Chitra Parayath

Due to an overwhelming demand for dance teachers in the area, Triveni School of dance of Brookline is opening another branch in Reading starting December 6, 2003.

Neena Gulati of Triveni says “It was time to offer our services to more children in that area. I have been approached by so many parents and children who wanted to know if we can teach kids in other locations!”
Imagine her delight when she teamed up with Mouli Pal and Malini Nair, both dedicated dancers keen to impart their expertise to area students.

Triveni is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and performance of Indian classical dance. Neena's students range in age from five to fifty five. She teaches three forms of Indian classical dance, Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi and Odissi.

Neena said to us “ The interest among Indians and non- Indians to learn this ancient but beautiful art form is truly amazing. I am so glad that Triveni can do this, bring the gift of dance and joy to so many students. I am also blessed that I have this chance to do what I love to do most! I teach seven days a week. Of course, I have three very talented and dedicated young assistants who will assist me in teaching at the Brookline as well as Reading locations.”

Mouli is an exponent of Odissi, a classical dance form originating from the temples of Orissa in India. A disciple of the legendary Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra, Mouli has been intensively trained in the delicate art form and has performed in many festivals and conferences in India as well as in the U.S. She has been teaching at the Triveni school for three years.

Malini Nair is an engineer by training but a talented veteran dancer of Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniaattom. Malini yearned to get into the local dance scene and after she hooked up with Neena, she began to teach at the Brookline center.

In Reading, classes will be offered to beginners, students at the intermediate level and to students requiring advanced classes in Kuchipudi, Oddissi and Bharathanatyam.

Mouli Pal said “I am very enthusiast about the Triveni branch in Reading. It is a great opportunity for Indians in North Boston area to introduce their children to our rich cultural heritage through Indian classical dance. This has been Neena jis vision in expanding her esteemed institution. I am looking forward to sharing and in the process enriching my decade of experience in the Odissi style.”

Said Malini Nair” Neenaji is an inspiration and an absolute joy to work with. I am also enjoying the sheer dedication these students of dance exhibit. They are eager to learn and that in turn makes our work easier and immensely enjoyable. I can’t wait to start teaching at the new location. This is a unique opportunity for students in the region, to have instruction in so many wonderful forms of classical Indian Dance. Even we as teachers of dance learn something new everyday and would love to share that with our students.”

A master of the Panthanallur style of Bharat Natyam, Neena Gulati has received high critical acclaim for her professional performances throughout India and the United States. In 1964, Neena was invited to perform at the United Nations General Assembly. Since moving to the U.S. in 1967, she has performed at countless functions and universites across the continent and in England. Neena has taught at Brown University, and has been guest artist in several Universites and schools in New England. She gives lecture- demonstrations, explaining and demonstrating her art form to varied audiences.

In Boston, Mouli Pal has performed in events organized by the Orissa Association of New England, in the Bangla Sammelan-2001, the Vrindavan Preservation Society and various other cultural events in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She was also invited to perform at the ISKON temple on the occasion of Janmasthumi in 2001 and 2003. The Orissa Association of New England had felicitated her in 2001 for outstanding performance and dedication to the dance form.
As a dedicated and sincere teacher Mouli strives to instill the discipline and grace of this classical art in her students. While in Calcutta, Mouli taught and inspired more than thirty students at Gurukul, a premier dance Institution established by Smt. Sutapa Talukdar. Mouli was also invited by Smt. Neena Gulati an accomplished and respected dancer in Boston to conduct workshops in her esteemed institution, Triveni. Her intensive special classes are held in her small studio at Wilmington Massachusetts, where she currently works on implementing Guruji's vision of spreading the art in its purest form to those who are far from India.

Malini Nair is a student of Mrs. Kalamandalam Sumathi of Natyalaya who is a well-known artist from Perumbavoor in Kerala. Natyalaya has three branches Dubai, Brazil & Kerala. Malini studied dance for 20 years and has performed extensively in Kerala. She enjoys creative choreography and is helping out various organizations in their cultural programs.

The classes in Reading, will be held every Saturday from 9.30 until 11.30 at 239 Woburn street, Reading, MA01867. For more information, please contact Neena Gulati Phone: (617) 232 5485 E-mail:neenagulati@webtv.net, Malini B Nair Phone: (978) 670 2905 E-mail: malinibnair@hotmail.com, Mouli pal Phone:978 988 3961 E-mail: mouli_pal@hotmail.com www.trivenidance.org

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