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Our Voice And Yours

Wish all our reader a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

Our Voice And Yours
Lokvani Talks To: Year In Review Part I
Lokvani Talks To: Year In Review Part I

Local community featured included: Rohini Rajaraman, Dharma Center Team, Michael Zimmerman, Shamit Mehta, Sundaresan Sambandam, Cindy Jathar, Ramesh Advani, Hema Iyengar and Vandana Rao, Prithvi Banerjee, Archie Reddy, Sumana Hatwar and Shyamala Ayasola, and Sushil Pandit.

In Conversation With: Year In Review - Part I

Lokvani had a chance to converse with following during the year: Sheetal Acharya, Pankaj Adaval, Trupti Patel, Neerja Bajaj, Sandeep Das, Madhu Bala Sharma, Ragini Shankar, Anand Shukla, Lynne Voggu, Karthikeyan Ramu, and Sri Chanchalapathi Dasa.

In Conversation With: Year In Review - Part I
Anju Pathak NESSP Printing and Graphic Services
Music: Year In Review - Part I
Music: Year In Review - Part I

Bhajans, Classical concerts, Ghazals and more ...

Rangoli Math Master United Event Mgt
Dance: Year In Review - Part I

The dance scene in 2017 was extremely active in New England. Bollywood competitions, Arangetrams and other fabulous events delighted audiences.

Dance: Year In Review - Part I
Satsang Center SaayaTV BrahmaKumaris
Local Happenings: Year In Review - Part I
Local Happenings: Year In Review - Part I

New England in 2017 was an exciting place where several events kept South Asians engaged.

AAPI’s 11th Annual Global Healthcare Summit Begins In Kolkata

The 11th edition of the annual Global Healthcare Summit organized by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), USA began here at the historic City of Kolkata in West Bengal, India on December 28th at the famous JW Marriott with international poster/research competition, first responders training, and the inaugural gala.

AAPI’s 11th Annual Global Healthcare Summit Begins In Kolkata
AIF Raji Mahaadevan Hindu Temple of NH
Nama Ruchi Mela Boston 2017
Nama Ruchi Mela Boston 2017

The Boston Chapter of the GSS is organizing this year’s Nama Ruchi as a 2-full day Mela (fair) at Chinmaya Temple, Andover on Dec 30, 2017 and Dec 31, 2017. Nama Ruchi 2017 is a unique and rare spiritual treat for Bostonians. This first-time in Boston function celebrates the Bhagawan Namams (names of gods and goddesses) through song, prayer, and dance.

OliveandMint Nataraja Yoga Shri Dwarkamai
Young Professionals: Year In Review - Part I

The young South Asian professionals have been recognized at several forums and bestowed multiple honors. Many have been featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list ..

Young Professionals: Year In Review - Part I
AcceptU IMANE Chinmaya Mission Boston
People: Year In Review - Part I
People: Year In Review - Part I

Indian Americans in 2017 created great impact in many dimensions.

Ramesh Raskar And Achuta Kadambi Of MIT Develop Innovative Imaging System

Ramesh Raskar and Achuta Kadambi develop innovative imaging systems by using "time of flight" – an approach that gauges distance by measuring the time it takes light projected into a scene to bounce back to a sensor. There goal is to develop new depth sensors that could be sensitive enough to make self-driving vehicles practical.

Ramesh Raskar And Achuta Kadambi Of MIT Develop Innovative Imaging System
Boston Bhangra Nila Rakhit Sarva Dev Mandir
4 Travel Tips To Beat Jet-lag & Fatigue
4 Travel Tips To Beat Jet-lag & Fatigue

Travel can take its toll on the body. Here are a few tips from Sadhguru on how you can beat jetlag and travel stress, so you can make the best of your holiday!

5 Common Mistakes When Applying For Financial Aid

Given the astronomical cost of college, even well-off parents should consider applying for financial aid. A single misstep, however, can harm your child’s eligibility. Here are five common mistakes to avoid.

5 Common Mistakes When Applying For Financial Aid
Pratham NATyA AkshayaPatra
Cartoon: Going Back To Work
Cartoon: Going Back To Work

Work from home or going to office...

Event Update
Saturday - 12/30/17
Devotional Bhajans
Nama Ruchi Boston

Sunday - 12/31/17
MITHAS 2016 Membership
Lokvani Sponsorship
MITHAS 2017 Membership
Wedding of Lord Krishna and Radha (Radha Kalyanama)
Nama Ruchi Boston
Bollywood Desi NYE 2018

Sunday - 1/7/18
Sunderkand ka Paath

Friday - 1/19/18
CMB 2018 Devi Shakthi Retreat

Saturday - 1/27/18
IAGB Republic Day Mela
TAGB Sankranthi Sambaralu - 2018

Saturday - 2/24/18
South Asian Showdown 2018

Sunday - 3/4/18
Ekal Power of Education 2018

Saturday - 3/17/18
Comedy Bindaas, Preetesh Ke Andaaz

Saturday - 3/31/18
AIF New England Gala

Saturday - 4/14/18
Shadaj: Padmabhushan Pandit Rajan-Sajan Mishra

Saturday - 4/21/18
2nd Annual Red Carpet Awards Function

Saturday - 4/28/18
IDC: The Golden Period

Sunday - 4/29/18
Ekal Vidyalaya Annual Event

Saturday - 5/5/18
Shadaj: Sanjeev Abhyankar

Friday - 6/1/18
Shadaj: Shounak Abhisheki 

Saturday - 9/29/18
Shadaj: Manjiri Asanare-Kelkar

Saturday - 10/27/18
Shadaj: Yashwant Vaishnav (Tabla), Sweekar Katti (Sitar) 

Saturday - 12/1/18
Lokvani Community and Youth Celebrations

Saturday - 12/15/18
Homework service

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