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Nama Ruchi Mela Boston 2017

Venkat Krishnamurthy

The Boston Chapter of the GSS is organizing this year’s Nama Ruchi as a 2-full day Mela (fair) at Chinmaya Temple, Andover on Dec 30, 2017 and Dec 31, 2017.  Nama Ruchi 2017 is a unique and rare spiritual treat for Bostonians.  This first-time in Boston function celebrates the Bhagawan Namams (names of gods and goddesses) through song, prayer, and dance.

We are looking forward to see all Bostonians and the community around Boston to join us to get the blessings of the Lord Krishna and immersed in devotion through sankeertanas. For more more information please visit http://www.gssus.org/

Venue: Chinmaya Mission, 1 Union St, Andover, MA 01810.


·         Dec 30, 2017: Phase I (8 AM – 2 PM) and Phase II (4 PM – 9 PM)   

·         Dec 31, 2017: Phase III (8 AM – 4 PM)

What is Nama Ruchi?

Hindu Scriptures provide various ways for the ardent devotee to get closer to Bhagawan (God).  One method is the Nama Sankreetanam, which is simply the experiencing of divine bliss through singing and dancing, invoking God’s name while doing so.   The process invokes in the devotee the Bhava (feeling) of Bhakti (devotion, attachment) to a personal or representational God. 

As an analogy, readers may have knowledge of or personal experience with divine and ecstatic dancing and singing, associated with worshipping Lord Krishna or Lord Shiva worship, in both North and South India.  Chanting Bhagawan’s name through bhajans and spontaneous or ritualized dancing expresses one’s deep love and devotion to the almighty.  

Nama Ruchi is a global phenomenon, spreading the richness of the Dhakshina (Southern) tradition of Nama Sankeerthanam.  It was conceptualized and spread through the tireless efforts of pioneers such as Sathguru Swamigal, Sridhara Ayyaval, Bhodendra Swamigal and HH Swami HaridossGiri.   

What happens during Nama Ruchi over the two-day period?

On Dec 30th Phase I (8 am - 2 pm):

The first day ceremonies begin with Ganapathi Homam and then paying homage to Gurus (teachers) through worshipping their symbolical padukas (footwear).  It includes Gurus from various mutts (religious houses) including Kanchi MahaPeriyava, Chinmaya and Sringeri Acharyas, Shirdi Sai Baaba and Ragavendraswaamy.  After the paduka pooja, Sampradaya Bhajans will begin with ThotakaMangalam, thus invoking and receiving the Bhagawanthen reciting of Guru Keerthans, Saint Jayadev’s Ashtapathis that symbolize Radha & Krishna as the union of jeevatma and paramatma). Panchapathis depict the outpourings of great saints. The passages from Ashtapathis include the passages that describe the beauty of Sri Krishna and singing Marathi Abhangs and Abhangawani’s.  This will be followed by meal comprising of Prasad (food offered to the Lord)

Dec 30th Phase II (4 pm- 9 pm)

During the second half of the day, the highlight is ecstatic dance by devotees (Gopikas) expressing their love and devotion for Lord Krishna.  The ceremony is called Divyanama Sankeerthanam with Deepa Pradakshinam.  This segment will be followed by a full meal - Prasad - for all devotees.

Dec 31st Phase III (9 am – 4 pm)

This day celebrates the divine union of Lord Krishna with his Radha - The Radha Kalyanam or wedding, along with religious singing of lullabies and bhajans to Lord Krishna.  The day will conclude with Dolotsavam, worship of Lord Hanuman.  This segment will be followed by a full meal - Prasad - for all participants

How can Bostonians participate in the event?

To register for this event please click the link http://www.gssus.org and follow instructions.

For further information please contact the GSS Boston Event organizing committee at the following e-mail address: gssboston2017@gmail.com

How can Bostonians financially support this event?

Tax exempt Donations and Sponsorships and Payment Options (Tax ID: 454177767)

Grand Sponsor


One Day


Radha Kalyanam


Bhagavatha Sambhavanai


Divyanaman, Unjavarthi, Flowers


$25 each

Any amount of your choice

1. Click on the items above to sponsor via Paypal

2. Checks payable to: Gnananda Seva Samajam, USA or GSS, USA

Mail to: Murali Gopinathan, 5 Bummet Brook Circle, Shrewsbury, MA 01545


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