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Happy Thanksgiving Message from the Lokvani Team. [more]
Lokvani Talks To Sofia Bapna

(This article is sponsored by Attorney Trupti Patel)
"The customers of Bunjara are looking for pieces that have character, are dramatic and beautiful and that is what sets up apart," says Sofia Bapna, founder of Bunjara, an online hand crafted furniture and rug store. [more]

In Conversation With H.R.Nagendra

(This article is sponsored by Dakshin)
Dr. Nagendra is the founder and Vice Chancellor of VYASA, an organization set up to examine the efficacy of yoga practices and to develop yoga courses to solve the basic problems of the high-tech era. A former space scientist, Nagendra spoke to Lokvani about systematic study of Yoga. [more]

Technology - Tissue Engineering Of Cartilage - Part 1

(This article is sponsored by The Boston Group)
Joint pain is a major cause of disability in middle-aged and older people. Pain usually results from degeneration of the joint's cartilage due to primary osteoarthritis or from trauma causing loss of cartilage. The article provides an overview of scaffold materials, manufacturing methods, cells and bioreactors used for tissue engineered cartilage scaffold. [more]

Bollywood Baatein

(This article is sponsored by Monique Kornfeld, Esq.)
Aishwarya Rai will now be seen as Rani Laxmibai in Ketan Mehta's next historical. "We have finalised Aishwarya for the film," says Mehta. [more]

Prashant H. Fadia Foundation Supports The Cause Of Underprivileged Children In Vrindavan, India

It was a moment of great pride and fulfillment for Mrs. Saloni P. Fadia to see her late husband Mr. Prashant H. Fadia's dream unfolds in front of her eyes. [more]

Bhagavad Gita And Management - Part 1

The ancient Hindu philosophy of keeping mind and body for the well being, has entered the managerial, medical and judicial domain of the world. The two part article examines the modern management concepts in the light of the Bhagavad Gita. [more]

IANH Celebrates Diwali With Aplomb

The India Association of New Hampshire celebrated Diwali on November 5, 2005 at the Nashua High School North. Approximately 500 people attended the celebrations. [more]

SANE Organizes Grand Diwali Ball

Sindhi Association of New England (SANE) organized Grand Diwali Ball 2005 at the Natick Crowne Plaza on October 29th. Over 200 people attended this year's celebration. [more]

TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) - An Opportunity For Young Entrepreneurs

TiE-Boston, a not-for-profit entrepreneurial organization, has initiated a new special interest group geared towards youth. The new SIG, TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE), concentrates on teenagers who have aspirations from an early age of being entrepreneurs. [more]

Maheshwari Mahasabha Of North America Welcomes Youth Of Rajasthani Abroad Young Samaj

A warm and hearty welcome was what the youth of RAYS (Rajasthani Abroad Young Samaj) received from MMNA (Maheshwari Mahasabha of North America - New England Chapter) along with experiencing Rajasthani culture from the past to the present and the rich heritage of Rajas and Maharajas. [more]

New England Malayalee Association To Celebrate Christmas With Renowned Movie Stars And Playback Singers

For the first time in the history of New England, NEMA has invited renowned movie stars Bhoban Kunchako, Kavya Madhavan and Cochin Haneefa, well known playback singers Biju Narayanan and Jhotsana, mimicry artist Kottyam Naseer, and others, for the Christmas/New Year celebrations on Saturday, December 3, 2005. [more]

AIDS In India: Progress And Opportunities

Learn about HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment, and HIV vaccine development and drugs; establish coordination and partnerships; and recognize and utilize information on HIV/AIDS and co-morbidities in the international health arena at the conference on Friday, December 2, 2005. [more]

Between Two Worlds: An Afternoon With Mira Nair

Come and meet Mira Nair, one of Hollywood's most accomplished directors, who has been lauded from her earliest endeavors on Sunday, November 20, 2005 at PEM.[more]

Art Of Living Foundation Organizes First Annual 5K Walk

The Art of Living Foundation organized the first Annual 5K Run on October 29 at Boston College to raise awareness of the urgent need to support 'education for all' that fosters human values, especially among youth, in order to address escalating levels of stress, violence and unhappiness in society today. [more]

For The Mathematically Inclined

Congratulations to Sandeep Bansal, Somnath Chattopadhyay, Shailesh Goregaokar, Rohan Kulkarni, Kavitha and Madhavi Muralidharan, Sarthak Pani and Arun Saigal, who were winners of the last set of puzzles. Here is one puzzle for kids and one for adults. [more]

Music Review - Rydhun Gold

(This article is sponsored by Sounds Of India)
Rydhun Gold is a musical odyssey presented by Taufiq Qureshi, one of the sons of Ustad Alla Rakha. It is a tribute and a celebration of rhythm and percussion, its invigorating relationship with nature and emphasizes the natural beat of everyday sounds and activities. [more]

Film Review - Temporary Loss Of Consciousness

'Temporary Loss of Consciousness' is a poetic essay speaking of longing and belonging, home and honor, loss and betrayal, boundaries and crossings. The film is shot in India and its shared borders of Pakistan and Bangladesh. It alludes to the recurring displacement of populations in the Indian subcontinent from the time of Partition (1947) to the present. [more]

Book Review - Going To School In India

The book was inspired by a seven-year-old student who asked his teacher, author Lisa Heydlauff, 'What is it like to go to school in India?' [more]

Recipes - Thanksgiving Style

Thanksgiving the American Desi style! [more]

Amrita Saigal Wins Bronze Medal In Siemens-Westinghouse Competition

High School Senior Amrita Saigal from Burlington, MA won a bronze medal and a $1000 scholarship for her project - Crosslinking as a Technique to Optimize High Temperature Fuel Cell Membrane Properties. [more]

Cricket Corner - Howzzat

Sourav Ganguly, the deposed captain, praised his successor Rahul Dravid and declared that he was prepared to play in any position and perform any role if taken back into the national squad. [more]

Poem - Dusk

From our poetry series, here is one titled 'Dusk'. [more]

Laugh A While - Thanksgiving Jokes

Asked to write a composition entitled, "What I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving," little Timothy wrote, "I am thankful that I'm not a turkey." [more]

Photo Of The Fortnight

Delhi's Akshardham - A Monument to India. [more]

Thought For The Day

If perchance you see no reason for giving thanks, rest assured the fault is in yourself. - Chief Tecumseh [more]

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Event Update
Friday - 11/18/05
Nirangkari Gurpurab Celebration
Saturday - 11/19/05
Diwali Mela / IAMV
Indira Sari Sale
1116 Jyothi Linga Puja
Diwali / U of Hartford
IMANE Annual Meeting
South Asian Students' Association
Sunday - 11/20/05
Ganesh-Kumaresh - Violin Concert / MITHAS
IITSINE AGM and Elections
Indira Sari Sale
Nazranah & 35th Parallel concert
Sargam, An evening of Indian Classical Music and Dance
Monday - 11/21/05
Auction for Children Fighting HIV/AIDS
Tuesday - 11/22/05
Shairi and Wine with Javed Akhtar / NY
Friday - 11/25/05
Birthday of Gurudev Sadhu T.L. Vaswani
Wednesday - 11/30/05
Free Health Stop Facility
Friday - 12/2/05
AIDS in India: Progress and Opportunities
Saturday - 12/3/05
Lifecycles: A Women
Christmas and New Year Celebrations / NEMA
Sunday - 12/4/05
Sant. Shri. Aasramji Bapu
Saturday - 12/10/05
Newfound Lake Tour
Saturday - 12/17/05
Kalpavriksha 2005 - Children
Christmas and New Year Celebrations / KANE

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