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Lokvani Talks To Indira Maini
(This article is sponsored by Attorney Trupti Patel)
"First time home owners are the most fun to work with," says Indira Maini, Real Estate Agent for Coldwell Bankers. more...

In Conversation With Arun Shourie
(This article is sponsored by Dakshin)
Former Minister of disinvestment, Arun Shourie, was one of the keynote speakers at the PAN IIT Conference. In an exclusive interview with Lokvani, he talked about his work in the areas of privatization and telecommunications. more...

Technology - Environmental Management Software System (EMSS)
(This article is sponsored by The Boston Group)
Environmental Management System (EMS) development is a very resource intensive work. The first user friendly software critical for federal, state, municipal and higher education public sector entities is now available from UMass-Lowell. more...

Bollywood Baatein
With the loss of original ideas and enough of copying movies from Hollywood, Bollywood is all set to go retro. Old films are getting re-launched and filmmakers are digging into History books for film subjects. more...

Building A 21st Century Pharma Company
Josh Berger of Vertex Pharmaceutical shares the secrets of building 21st century pharma company at TiE-Boston's monthly dinner meeting. more...

The Nrityagram Dance Ensemble - An Impressive Blend Of Old And New
Artistic director Surupa Sen coloured her Odissi production with ideas from western group choreography to create a visual treat. more...

The Path Of Healing Through Dr. Tony Lebro
"I treat the cause, not the disease," says Dr. Tony Lebro, Founder and Director of 'A Lebro Conter for Well Being' at a talk at the Chinmaya Mission recently. more...

Geeta Govindam
On May 22nd Academy of Performing Arts presented Gita Govindam, a production by Abhinaya Sudha. It was directed by the queen of Abhinaya, Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan. more...

Samskrita Bharati Organizes Shloka Competition For Children
A shloka recitation competition for children was successfully organized by Samskrita Bharati in the Greater Boston area with over fifty children participating. more...

Kathak Yoga - A Blend Of All Elements Of Dance
Kathak Maestro Chitresh Das demonstrated Kathak Yoga, a technique he has developed, at the Peobody Essex Museum. more...

Solutions For Development Of Health Care In India
At the SABA Conference a few weeks ago, the panel focused on opportunities in the healthcare sector in India. They looked at the healthcare issues from the viewpoint of experts in the payor, provider and public policy side. more...

Diabetes And Kidney Disease In India
It is estimated that by 2025 over 100 million people will have diabetes in South Asia in India alone 57 million will be affected. While in the developed world, the complications of diabetes are frequently treatable, in India this is far from true. more...

First Annual Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Amit Dixit and others celebrate first-ever, national Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day at Marriott Tremont Courtyard Hotel in Boston. more...

Poetry Corner
Two poems by Chitra Parayath. more...

For The Mathematically Inclined
Congratulations to Bipin Parekh, Ameek Ponda, Neha Sharma, Ramya Tammisetti, Dharmesh Thakkar and Raj Vishwanathan, who were winners of the last set of puzzles. Here is one puzzle for kids and one for adults. more...

Music Review - Ishq Naag (Love Bites)
(This article is sponsored by Sounds Of India)
Ishq Naag, the Indian super group RDB's (Rhythm Dhol Bass) collaborative work with Elephant Man, is already gaining critical acclaim for its unique sound, which is nothing ever heard before. more...

Film Preview - Paheli
With Paheli, Director Amol Palekar attempts a genre between the art and the commercial - not formulaic for sure! more...

Book Review - The Price Of Loyalty: George W. Bush, The White House, And The Education Of Paul O'Neill
This is a fascinating account that gives us a glimpse into one of the most clandestine of recent Presidencies. Whatever your political affiliation, this book is a must read. more...

Recipes - Cooling Off With Chilled Drinks
(This article is sponsored by Milan)
Hot, humid and sweltry weather. Here are some cool favorites. more...

Humor - Cell Phone, The Ultimate Killing Machine
Don't get me wrong, we started out in this world of instant . more...

Youth Forum - Ekal Vidyalaya
An eighth-grader from Westborough describes her visit to a unique school in India. more...

Photo Of The Fortnight
What a "Bow Bow" sight! more...

Thought For The Day
"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." - James Baldwin more...

Event Update
Friday - 06/17/05
- Choice Meal Program For Older Adults in Indian Community
- India New England 2005 Woman of the Year Award
- Kabir And His Live Hip Hop Band
- "Anniyan" Tamil Movie World Premiere in Boston
Saturday - 06/18/05
- Free SSAT/PSAT/SAT Testing
- VPS Cricket Tournament
- "Anniyan" Tamil Movie World Premiere in Boston
Sunday - 06/19/05
- "Anniyan" Tamil Movie World Premiere in Boston
Tuesday - 06/21/05
- The Art of Living Yoga of Breath
Friday - 06/24/05
- Jagrata - Jai Mata Di
- Paheli / Movie
Saturday - 06/25/05
- Ranjini Ramachandran / Hindustani Vocal
- Raagmaaala Concert - Sarangi and Tabla
- Free SSAT/PSAT/SAT Testing
- Indira Sari Sale
- Festivals of India
- Paheli / Movie
Sunday - 06/26/05
- Indira Sari Sale
- Bhangra Competition 2005 / IAGH
- North South Foundation 5th Annual Walk-Bike-A-Thon For Education
- Paheli / Movie
Monday - 06/27/05
- Paheli / Movie
- Screening of My Brother Nikhil
Tuesday - 06/28/05
- Shashi Tharoor - Bookless in Bagdad: Reflections on Writers & Writing
- Paheli / Movie
Wednesday - 06/29/05
- Henna Tattoo Demo For Teens-Wilmington Public Library
- Paheli / Movie
Thursday - 06/30/05
- Paheli / Movie
Sunday - 7/3/05
- Fireworks Cruise / Patidar Samaj of NE
Thursday - 7/7/05
- Ice Cream Social
Saturday - 7/9/05
- Anand Melo
- Blood Donation / Swaminarayan Temple

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