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Lokvani Wishes You All A Joyful Diwali
Let us all remember that the lit lamp is a constant symbol of an illuminated mind! more...

Lokvani Talks To Dr. Ranganath Nayak
(Sponsored by Attorney Trupti Patel )
"I love the atmosphere of a well-run startup," says Dr. Ranganath Nayak, CEO of Cytel Software. A Charter Member of TiE, he spoke to Lokvani about startups, his own company and his philanthropic activities. more...

Election Result Reactions
Equanimity is hard during these times. Read some reactions from our readers after the results hit home. more...

Bollywood Baatein
Both Ash and Shah Rukh celebrated their B'days earlier this month. Ash turned 31 on November 1st and SRK turned 39! more...

Technology - From Discovery To Market: Drug Development Process - Part II
(Sponsored by The Boston Group)
Bringing one new drug to the public typically costs $900 million and takes an average of 8 to 10 years. Once Target Identification, Target Validation, Lead Identification and Lead Optimization have been completed, the drug development goes through various preclinical and clinical studies. more...

Soundarya Lahiri Presents Hyderabad Brothers
Hyderabad Brothers presented a music concert replete with exquisite Bhava at the Keefe Technical Auditorium in Framingham, MA. more...

UBC, Tufts And Northeastern Win The 2004 MIT Bhangra Blast
With more than 2500 people in attendance and eight teams competing for the title of 2004 Bhangra Blast Champions, it was an event to remember. more...

Patrick McGovern, Founder And Chairman Of International Data Group (IDG) Talks At TiE Monthly Meeting
Pat McGovern talked to TiE members about the worldwide growth of IDG group of companies at the Burlington Marriott on October 26, 2004. more...

IWL Hosts Leadership Summit 2004: Unleashing Our Potential
Women who attended that conference saw a unique opportunity for women from different backgrounds and geographic locations within the South Asian community to connect with each other. more...

Amartya Sen Speaks At NEC
The Nobel Prize-winning economist and philosopher spoke about his new book, The Argumentative Indian. more...

Indian Americans In US Congress
Twenty seven Indian American candidates contested in elections all over the country and the winners include Bobby Jindal, who won the congressional race in Louisiana. Here is a list of winners and losers. more...

First Indian Walk-A-Thon In Connecticut Community Is A Great Success
For the first time, the Milan Cultural Association Inc. organized a Walk-A-Thon and Glimpse of India at the Riverfront Plaza in downtown Hartford. more...

Solar Healing - An Alternative Therapy
Hira Raten Manek, who is the proponent of a technique called "Solarhealing" as a panacea for many ills claims he has not eaten any solid food for over nine years. more...

Francis Kodenkandath - Artist
Francis Kodenkandath, a self taught painter and brother of local cartoonist Thomas Kodankandath, refutes the artistic argument in Dan Brown's new bestseller "The Da Vinci Code". more...

Arangetram Of Anita Gade
Anita Gade, a student of Mrs. Vani Nidadavolu, had her Arangetram on August 8, 2004 at the McKinley Elementary School in Fairfield, CT. more...

Red Sox - Curse Reversed!
On that fateful night, looking at a moon eclipsed, it seemed as though Babe himself was winking, saying "Go Red Sox, Reverse the Curse!" more...

Travel - Kerala - God's Own Country
Kerala is very unique within India because it is comparable to the USA in terms of certain standard of living indicators such as literacy rate, infant mortality, life expectancy, etc. more...

Stories From The Land: Environmental Films From The Asian Diaspora
Do not miss the the first environmental film festival in the New England area focusing on Asia and Asian American issues. more...

For The Mathematically Inclined
Congratulations to Madhu Gandhi, Nidhee Krishnan, Anupa M., Amisha Nehra, Rajiv Ramaratnam, Mukund Seshadri, Sumanth Shankar, Wajida Syed and Rajesh Viswanathan, who were winners of the last set of puzzles. Here is one puzzle for kids and one for adults. more...

Music Review - Swades
(Sponsored by Sounds of India)
As is usual with a Rahman CD, the more you spin this one, the more you are likely to find tunes that enter your head and revolve like Pac-man for edification at a later time. more...

Book Review - Monsoon Summer by Mitali Perkins
Mitali Perkins, in her latest novel Monsoon Summer, attempts to reach out to those in that inconvenient age that is known as adolescence, further complicated by their confusion in identities. more...

Book Review - Ramadan
Ramadan is the kind of book that can prevent a child from forming prejudice. Ramadan offers us a glimpse of life during the month of fasting and lets us see the spiritual enrichment brought about by religion. more...

Recipes For Diwali
(Sponsored by Milan Restaurant)
Yummy home made sweets to be served to your guests on Diwali. more...

Jokes - They Said It!
Alcohol doesn't solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk. more...

Thought For The Day
Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day - Quotes on Attitude. more...

Event Update
Thursday - 11/04/04
- Art of Living Courses in Boston College and Clark University
- Study of Shankaracharya Vivekachudamani
Friday - 11/5/04
- Jagrata - Jai Mata Di
- Diwali Ball / SANE
- Diwali Nite 2004/ Sangam
- Wellesley SHRUTI LAYA 2004
Saturday - 11/6/04
- The Rensselaer Diwali Show
- Diwali Dinner / Aavkar
- Diwali / Saraswati Mandiram
- Indira Sari Sale
- India Association of Rhode Island Invites You to Celebrate Diwali 2004
- Malayalam Movie : Natturajavu
- Incest: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light
- Annual Performance
- Devi Kalyanam
- Wellesley SHRUTI LAYA 2004
- Forever Faithful
Sunday - 11/7/04
- Diwali / ISW
- Diwali / Patidar Samaj
- Diwali Celebration / UIA
- Indira Sari Sale
- Diwali / NEMM
- Taste of India / Chinmaya Mission
- Silppadikaram
Thursday - 11/11/04
- Rashmi Sadana: A Suitable Text for a Vegetarian Audience: Questions of Caste, Ethics and Authenticity
Saturday - 11/13/04
- Boston Bhangra Competition
- Diwali / Cheyuta
- Diwali Festival / IANH
- Bunjara: Grand Opening
- Diwali Celebration / IAOGH
- Indian Gospel Concert
- Malayalam movie
- Diwali Get-together / VHP
- Deepavali Velugulu
- Saheli Monthly Meeting
Sunday - 11/14/04
- Sanjay Subramanyam, Carnatic Vocal / MITHAS
- Diwali / CVHTS
Monday - 11/15/04
- Art of Living Course in Nashua, NH
Wednesday - 11/17/04
- Global Indus Technovators Awards Ceremony 2004
Thursday - 11/18/04
- TiE Boston Venture Forum
Friday - 11/19/04
- Choice Meal Program For Older Adults in Indian Community
- Kal Ki Yaadein

More events