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Happy Parents' Day

Lokvani Talks To Raj Sharma
Raj Sharma, Senior Vice President of Merrill Lynch has been featured in the book "The Winner's Circle" as one of the top thirty financial advisors. He talked to Lokvani about his life, money management philosophy and gave suggestions on investment strategies. more...

In Conversation With Dr. Rukmani
A Sanskrit scholar and the former principal of Miranda House, New Delhi, Dr. Rukmani emphasizes the value of studying the ancient texts. She will be presenting a seminar on Shankara's works at UMass- Dartmouth. She spoke to Lokvani about her unusual career and her views on Hinduism. more...

Technology - (Sponsored by The Boston Group)
Healthcare, Therapeutics, And Diagnostics: Using Nanotechnology For Better Disease Detection And Treatment

Three critical areas within healthcare industry which lend themselves to nanoscale science and technology solutions are improved implants, delivery of drugs and earlier detection of diseases. more...

Bollywood Baatein
Ash baby still rules the media here at home! There's hardly a day without some news of the beauty in the papers and/or magazines. more...

Indian American Women Raise Funds To Support Kerry
Gail Ahluwalia was the Vice Chair of the "Women Investing in Change" luncheon for which she raised $30K. Hosts Chitra R. Staley, Gaytri D. Kachroo, and attendees Dr. Tejal Desai , Deepti Nijhawan and others share their views on why we should vote for Kerry. more...

Keith Ferrazzi Talks About Networking: Relationships For Revenue
Everyone talks about networking and would love to do it. How does one go about it? Keith Ferrazzi, the best net worker out there, discusses the basic rules to keep in mind. more...

Indian American Community Host Fundraisers
"There are about 100 Indian American families in the Sharon area and we see this as the most significant political event of our life so far," said Amitabh Chandra who along with his wife Reema, organized a luncheon fundraiser for John Kerry on July 10. more...

'Rhythm & Spice' With Kiran Bedi, Natraj And Karyshma
This show on July 24 at Brookline High School features Kiran Bedi, the acclaimed world-jazz ensemble Natraj and Indo-jazz-rock group Karyshma. more...

AMMA, Celebrated "Hugging Saint To Visit Boston Area
Reputed as a tireless humanitarian, Mata Amritanandamayi, better known as "Amma" or "Ammachi," visits the Boston Area July 21, where she will receive thousands with her blessing - a healing embrace. more...

Pandit Budhaditya Mukherjee - Sitar Virtuoso Live In Concert
Budhaditya Mukherjee, who is India's leading sitarist of the younger generation, will perform on July 18 in Warwick, RI. His technical virtuosity is outstanding and the depth of feeling and emotion he expresses through his music is simply brilliant. more...

Profit From Fear For Investors
According to a wise investor, there is a simple secret to successful investing. "Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful." more...

Ashland Temple Fundraiser - A Resounding Success
Synergy, energy, vitality, commitment and collaboration among local area artists invigorated the audience at the Dance fundraiser for Ashland Temple at the Natick High School recently. more...

The Success Of Raaga - Taala 2004 - A Triple Winner
The second annual three-day festival of Indian classical music and dance featured Anurag Harsh, Aparna Balaji, Durga Krishnan, Shuchita Rao, Usha Verma, V.K. Raman and others. more...

Third Annual Bapu Open Golf Tournament
2004 took Bapu Open Golf Tournament and Mid Summer Ball to a whole new level. Dr. Salil Midha walked away with the overall individual award scoring 75. Gurinder Sidhu came in with 78. more...

India And China For Entrepreneurs
Abundance of work force, large indigenous population and work ethics are few reasons to invest in India and China. more...

Youth Forum: The Purpose Of Life
Humans, as the most evolved species on earth, are constantly plagued with questions to which there seems to be no answers available. An example is the age old question, what is the purpose of life? more...

For The Mathematically Inclined
Congratulations A. Balu, S. Bansal, V. Joshi, D. Prabhu, D. Ranjan, A. Shenai, M. Sheshadri, W. Syed and B. Venkataraman, who were winners of the last set of puzzles. Here is one puzzle for kids and one for adults. more...

Music Review - Mohana Madhuram
(Sponsored by Sounds of India)
Melody has been the trademark of the Lalgudi bani. It is but natural that this bani is being carried forward by Shri Krishnan and Smt. Vijayalakshmi, children of the violin maestro Lalgudi G. Jayaraman. The CD Mohana Madhuram is a classic example of Carnatic violin at its best. more...

Summer Movie Viewing
More of the Oldies Goldies. more...

Summer Reading
Catch up on your summer reading with these South Asian books on the shelves of Bookstores. more...

Recipes: Cooking With Mushrooms
(Sponsored by Milan Restaurant)
Wild about Mushrooms! Here are some delicious recipes to try. more...

Jokes: Random Chuckles
A little boy went up to his father and asked: "Dad, where did all of my intelligence come from?" The father replied. "Well son, you must have got it from your mother, cause I still have mine." more...

Purslane - Drumsticks
Drumstick (Moringa indica, Moringaceae) is a native of India, is also named as "ben oil tree" after commercial oil extracted from the seeds. It is generally believed in South Asia that drumstick trees planted on graves will keep away the ghosts and evil spirits and hence its branches are used as charms against witchcraft. more...

Release Of Handbook For NRI's
Information on various types of NRI bank accounts and investment options; acquisition of immovable property and types of housing loans; tax concessions and facilities for Returning Indians are available. more...

Picture Of The Fortnight
Taughannock Falls, Ulysses, NY. more...

Thought For The Day
Words of Wisdom from Sri Aurobindo. more...

Event Update

Friday - 07/16/04
- IMANE Summer Meeting
- Seminar on Hindustani Music Traditions
Saturday - 07/17/04
- Cricket For A Cause
- Dhrupad Maestro Pt. Falguni Mitra
- Gita Satsang by Hon. Shri Bhaktiyog Swami
- Prabasi Picnic
- IIT KGP Alumni Picnic
- Smt. Shobha Raju / Classical Music
- Seminar on Hindustani Music Traditions
- Classical Musical Concert
Sunday - 07/18/04
- Moods
- Pandit Budhaditya Mukherjee Live In Concert - Sitar Virtuoso
- ISW Picnic
- Meet Siddharth Das - Candidate for NH House of Rep
- Pandit Falguni Mitra / Lec-Dem on Dhrupad Gayaki
- Meet with Sid Das
Wednesday - 07/21/04
- Blessing - A Healing Embrace: Mata Amritanandamayi
- Amma Summer Tour 2004
Saturday - 07/24/04
- NETS Picnic
- Rhythm & Spice Fundraiser Concert / Saheli
- Rhythm & Spice (Natraj, Karyshma and Kiran Bedi) / Saheli
- Multicultural Arts Expo 2004
Sunday - 07/25/04
- Potluck Summer Picnic / UIA
- General Body Election Meeting / UIA
- Picnic - Aavkar
Friday - 07/30/04
- Advaita Vedanta
- Bhangra
Saturday - 07/31/04
- An Evening of Poetry
- Indian Visa Camp
Sunday - 8/1/04
- Picnic / JCGB
Saturday - 8/7/04
- Mount Manadnock Adventure
- IITSINE Annual Picnic
- IANH Picnic
Sunday - 8/8/04
- Dancing Into Orbit / A Bharatnatyam Production
Saturday - 8/14/04
- Indira Sari Sale
Sunday - 8/15/04
- IAGB India Day
- ISW India Day
- IAOGH Independence Day and Picnic
- Indira Sari Sale
Friday - 8/20/04
- Jagrata - Jai Mata Di
Monday - 8/23/04
- Inner Peace and Happiness
Friday - 9/10/04
- Janmasthami / ISW
- Gujarati Musical Mehfil
Saturday - 9/11/04
- Mohina Attam / Neena Prasad
Friday - 9/17/04
- Silapp-Adhikaaram
- Jagrata - Jai Mata Di
Saturday - 9/25/04
- Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

More events