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Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Lohri!
Lokvani Talks To ...You??
Want to achieve instant celebrity status? Want people to stop you on the street and beg you for an autograph? more...
IAGB Sets A New Course In 2004
The India Association of Greater Boston gears up for 2004 with a new Committee and fresh ideas. more...
Prasanna-Gilmore Concert - A Mesmerizing Presentation (Event Review - Sponsored by Vakili & Associates)
The guitar duet by Maestros Prasanna and David Gilmore at the India Week at PEM can be best described as magical. more...
Technology - (Sponsored by The Boston Group)
IP Over WDM: Road To Optical Internet / Background
Even though IP over WDM sounds like an alphabet soup, in simple terms it refers to running the Internet (i.e., the Internet Protocol (IP)) directly over the fiber (using wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)). more...
NE Tamil Sangam Back After A Two Year Hiatus
After two years of inactivity, NE Tamil Sangam is beginning the new year with the celebration of "Pongal", on Jan 31st in Ashland. Free food and admission! more...
Bollywood Baatein
The rumor that has this reporter quaking in her large boots is the one about a sequel being planned to that terrible bore Koi Mil Gaya... more...

HSS Makar Samkranti Festival
Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), a non-profit cultural organization, celebrated its 2nd annual 'Bala Mela' (children's festival). more...

Dana Farber Cancer Institute Will Sponsor A Bone Marrow Drive At IAGB Event
Come, learn, help and be part of the bone marrow drive. more...
2004 IMAX Fest - A Primer
From January 8 to February 8, IMAX fest will bring the best large format films to three giant screens. We recommend all of them especially India: Kingdom of the Tiger. more...
2004 IAFPE Summer Internship Program
The Forum is seeking applications from motivated Indian-American college students who want to make a difference in their communities. more...
Fire Destroys Main Temple At Saraswathi Mandiram
"We are committed to rebuilding this Temple and appeal for help," says Pandit Ramsamooj, founder of the NH temple that was burned down on New Year's eve. more...
President Bush's Proposed Immigration Reform - "It Is Not An Amnesty"
On January 7, 2004, President Bush announced his proposal for an immigration reform to help solve the problem of illegal immigrants and undocumented workers in the United States. more...
Presidential Candidates Answer Questions Posed By Indian American Community
Democratic Presidential hopefuls answer questions pertaining to the interests of the Indian American Community. more...
For The Mathematically Inclined
Congratulations to Rahul Banerjee, Deepa Santhumayor, Mukund Seshadri and Sumanth Shankar. Here is one puzzle for kids and one for adults. more...
Time to try your hand at this intriguing trivia quiz. more...
Music Review - 'Zindagi' By Local Band Athmaya (Sponsored by Sounds of India)
Ebullient at times, subdued at others, the collection is a promising debut by a group of area artists. more...
Film Review - Tehzeeb
Arjun Rampal is pleasing eye candy and this reviewer forgives him this trespass. more...
Book Review - Catamaran
The first issue of Catamaran is a curious yet sophisticated articulation of both established and emerging literary voices. more...
Recipes - Sankranti Special
Sponsored by Milan Restaurant)

Makar Sankranti, Pongal or Lohri, Come celebrate this harvest festival with Sesame (til) and jaggery (gud) recipes. more...
Health - Nutrition And The Elderly
As we grow older, our metabolism rate decreases and hence our energy consumption and caloric requirement becomes less. Healthy Eating and Exercise helps. more...
Jokes - Pet Jokes
Top Ten Signs Your Vet Likes Your Dog A Little Too Much... The vet's wife calls you and asks you to tell your dog to leave her husband alone... more...
Have A Laugh - Cartoon
Enjoy this cartoon and meet the cartoonist. more...
Shoutouts To Friends And Family, Wish Someone Online
Dropping temps and chilly winds cannot dampen our enthusiasm or love for garam garam parties! more...
Photo Of The Fortnight
Sunrise in Bloomington, Illinois more...
Thought For The Day
May the pot of prosperity boil over
May the Pongal that we cook,

Event Update

Thursday - 01/15/04
- Study of Shankaracharya Vivekachudamani
Saturday - 01/17/04
- Indira Sari Sale
Sunday - 01/18/04
- Indira Sari Sale
- Temple Building Fund
Tuesday - 01/20/04
- Art of Living Course in Maynard, MA
Friday - 01/23/04
- Indian Songs / NEC
Saturday - 01/24/04
- Saraswati Puja
- Republic Day 2004/IAGB-Evening of Fun, Food and Entertainment!
- Sankranti Celebrations / Soundarya Lahari and Bala Lahari
- Saraswati Puja / Prabasi
Monday - 01/26/04
- Sarsvati Puja / SarvaDev Mandir
Friday - 01/30/04
- Art of Living Course in Lebanon, NH
- Bhagwati Maa Ki Chowki
Saturday - 01/31/04
- Sarasvati Puja & Vasant Panchami
- Managing Stress Through Yoga at SVC
- Pongal Vizha 2004
Sunday - 2/1/04
- Makar Sankrant Celebration/NEMM
- IAMV Elections
Tuesday - 2/3/04
- Art of Living Course in Oxford, MA
Saturday - 2/7/04
- Bal Diwas

More events