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Lokvani Talks To Geetha Ramamurthy
Geetha Ramamurthy, Director of Operations of TiE Boston was named the "Fearless leader of TiECON'03" by Gautam Prakash, President of TiE. more...
A Conversation With Mridangam Maestro Umayalpuram Mali
Quiet and unassuming Umayalpuram Mali uses his Mridangam as a mode of expression for his creative energy. more...
Technology - Gold And My Quest For An Entry Into The Guinness Book Of World Records
Of all the elements, gold in its pure state is undoubtedly the most beautiful. more...
Celestial Ballet - A Unique Blend of Indian Dance Styles
Reshme Hegde Gopi's presentation under the auspices of the Art of Living Foundation featured skilled performers from different dance styles who came together to tell timeless tales. more...
MITHAS Presents Shubha Mudgal, Music Diva
A rare treat for music lovers- Hear Shubha Mudgal's captivating voice at the MIT Kresge Auditorium on 21st September, 2003. Book your tickets early! more...
Leela Sampson To Visit Boston In August
Renowned Bharatanatyam dancer Leela Samson visits the Boston area between Aug. 9-13. more...
IAGB India Day 2003
Come, celebrate India Day 2003 with IAGB! A grand cultural program, fun, food, crafts and more! more...
Sikander Alam To Perform In New England
Sikander Alam, the reputed singer from Orissa, will be performing in the New England area on August 10. more...
AID Fundraiser Raag-Taal Showcases Local Talent
The Association for India Development put up a three-day cultural extravaganza featuring many leading local classical musicians and dancers. more...

South Asian Committee On Human Rights (SACH) - Rally at Harvard Square
We will not be silenced! We will not be divided! We will not be removed! more...

Vijayotsav - An Evening of Marathi Culture
Playwright and political journalist Vijay Tendulkar and actor Vijay Kadam were the guests of honor at “Vijoyatsav” organized by the New England Marathi Mandal. more...
An Evening Of Harmony: Veena Arangetram By Sirisha Durga Kovvali
17 year-old Sirisha's fingers seemed to glide over the strings of her Veena effortlessly in her debut performance. more...
Remembering Reetika Vazirani
Remembering poet Reetika Vazirani who apparently took her own life -- and that of her 2-year-old son, Jehan Komunyakaa last week. Vazirani wrote, read and taught poetry. more...
VPS Tournament Finals
The camaraderie displayed by participating teams and the enthusiasm of the spectators throughout this tournament was contagious. more...
Defending Champions UNH Retain Title In IDRF Cricket Tournament
Defending champions UNH (University of New Hampshire) took the honors for the second time by defeating LBCC (Lord Baron Cricket Club). more...
Is It The Beginning Of A New Telecommunications Revolution?
The TiE-Boston met on Monday, July 21st at the Burlington Marriot to discuss Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) Triennial Review: Is it the Beginning of a New Telecommunications Revolution? more...
For The Mathematically Inclined
Congratulations to Sanjay Yengul, the winner of our last puzzle. In this issue we bring you yet another challenge. more...
Humor - Alimentary, My Dear Watson, Alimentary!..
During my recent Alaskan cruise, we woke up bright and early every day, pretending that our sole intention was to see the sea, like from sea to shining sea. more...
Summer Snack Treats For Kids
Summer Snack Treat for Kids. Yumm! more...
Saaya - Film Review
Wielding the scissors, the editors could have been a tad more ruthless. more...
Aithe - Telugu Film Review
As a directorial debut from Telugu filmmaker Eleti Chandra Sekhar, this one deserves a chance. more...
Book Review - Ruler Of The Courtyard By Rukhsana Khan
Khan fashions an inspiring tale, for four to eight year olds, by blending childhood experiences. more...
Jokes - Laugh And The World Laughs With You
After a quarrel, a husband said to his wife, "You know, I was a fool when I married you." She replied, "Yes, dear, but I was in love and didn't notice." more...
Photo Of The Fortnight
Gorge at Ajanta Ellora caves. more...

Thought For The Day
From President Abdul Kalam... more...

Event Update

Friday - 8/1/03
- Bhagwati Maa Ki Chowki
Saturday - 8/2/03
- Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya and Sanchita Banerjee Bhattacharya
- Indira Sari/Jewelry Sale
- Exhibition and Sale
- Hate Crime Rally
Sunday - 8/3/03
- Indira Sari/Jewelry Sale
- Amritvani
- Indian Classical Music Composers Day
- Fun-A-Thon
Thursday - 8/7/03
- Meeting Destiny
Saturday - 8/9/03
- Taka Dhimi Dance and Music Festival of India / POSTPONED
Sunday - 8/10/03
- 2003 Vivekananda Family Camp
- 15th Annual India Day Festival / ISW
- Sikander Alam and Party Concert
- Bharatanatyam Dance Recital By Leela Samson
Thursday - 8/14/03
- Art of Living Course
Saturday - 8/16/03
- Special Encounter With God
- TAGB Presents Sreenadhudu - A Musical Play
- Annual Picnic and Inter-IIT Alumni Sports Meet
Sunday - 8/17/03
- 2003 Vivekananda Family Camp
- IAGB India Day
- Special Encounter With God
Click here for more events