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Congratulations Graduates!
Meet Prasanna - Guitar Maestro
With a vision to make Carnatic music as universal as Yoga, and a passion for almost all musical forms, this young maestro has taken the Carnatic and Western music circles by storm. more...
Lokvani Talks To Sameer Desai, Geetha Ramamurthy And Ravi Agarwal Of TiE Boston
TiEcon 2003 will help entrepreneurs, leaders of large, mid-sized and small companies gain the insight and strategies they need to succeed in the new times. Keynote speakers at the conference include Governor Mitt Romney and Deepak Chopra. more...
Gen. Sinha, Governor Of J&K, Meets With Indian Community
Recently appointed Governor of J& K shares his vision for the state with members of the Indian American community in New England. more...
Jashn 2003 - Loads Of Fun For Everyone
From scrumptious food to elegant wedding wear, from exquisitely designed mandaps to a boistrous cultural program, Jashn 2003 had something for everyone. more...
Nostalgic Memories Of Days At IITM
Mardigras 2003 organized by Gajendra Circle was reminiscent of the annual student festival held at IIT-Madras and brought back great memories. more...
Hindu Heritage Day 2003
Over 600 people attended the Hindu Heritage celebrations that featured outstanding classical musicians and dancers from New England area. Ramesh Motwani and Prabhu and Savitha Hingorani were recognized for their community service. more...
Laxmi Parida, Author Of 'Purba, Feasts From The East' Talks To Lokvani
"There is not a single recipe in the book that has not been subjected to the rigor of a kitchen" laughs Laxmi Parida. "I hope the non-Oriyas (as well as Oriyas) will find my contribution useful." more...
Leading Smart And Creative People
The TiE Institute lecture/seminar focussed on growth, development and strategic use of human resources. more...
Technology - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
In the last decade, MRI has evolved into one of the most powerful techniques in diagnostic clinical medicine and biomedical research.It has had a major impact on neurology, particularly in the field of brain mapping. more...
Health - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
An understanding of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the disease that is causing global concern. more...
Legal - Provisional Patent Applications - A Trap For The Unwary
Provisional patent applications, or "provisionals," have grown in popularity since their introduction in the U.S. in June of 1995. Some factors to be aware of. more...

Makdee - Children's Film In Hindi
Makdee, a children's film of Vishal Bharadwaj is like a witch's brew, weird and strange but with a dash of humor and a hint of fun. more...

Movie Review - Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa
Set in Calcutta in the turbulent period of 1970-1972, when the region was much shaken by the Naxalbari movement, this film tells the poignant story of a woman's quest for truth and self realization. more...
Book Review - Darjeeling
Bharti Kirchner's latest novel, "Darjeeling," brews together skillful narrative and engaging prose to charm the reader. more...

Food From Orissa
Sample some recipes from Orissa, taken from Laxmi Parida's book Purba "Feasts of the East". more...

Purslane - Rice
Rice (Oryza sativa; Poaceae), applied both to the cereal grain and the plant that produces it, originated in Africa, India, and southeastern Asia. Its cultivation has been traced to India in ~3000 BC and to China in ~1000 BC. more...

Samskritam Camp

Aasra And Shakti Present 'Untitled' featuring Lushin Dubey
Lushin Dubey portrays the universal dominated woman in the bold, hard-hitting solo, "Untitled" and this experimental piece of work promises to take its audience on an exploration of the psyche of the woman. more...

Boston St. Mary's Indian Orthodox Church Acquires Place Of Worship
This parish, a part of the American Diocese of the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Syrian Church is one of the oldest parishes in America. more...

Wicked Funny Jokes
Why do worms taste like chewing gum? Because they're wrigleys! more ...
Photo Of The Fortnight
A snapshot of the Swiss Alps. more...

Thought For The Day


Event Update
Thursday - 05/22/03
- 5-Day Residential Sanskrit Camp
Friday - 05/23/03
- SINDHI long weekend celebration !
Saturday - 05/24/03
- MATH Class Grades K - 4
Sunday - 05/25/03
- Astoththara Sata Homa Kunda Srichakra Homam
Wednesday - 05/28/03
- SAT I - Test Prep Class
Friday - 05/30/03
- TiECON 2003
- Indian Devotional Music / Br. Dayamrita
- Hilarious Hindi Play "Kuch Khati Kuch Mithi"
Saturday - 05/31/03
- Radha and Raja Reddy
- Indian Devotional Music / Br. Dayamrita
- Indira Sari/Preva Jewellers Sale
Sunday - 6/1/03
- UNTITLED - Theater Production by Lushin Dubey & Panel Discussion
- Indian Devotional Music / Br. Dayamrita
- Indira Sari/Preva Jewellers Sale
- Bhajan Sandhya / Kiran Nath
- Healthcare Seminar
Friday - 6/6/03
- Vishal Bhagwati Jagran
Saturday - 6/7/03
- Music Festival of North India
- Spring Raas & Garba
- Manoranjan
Sunday - 6/8/03
- Musical Performance featuring Ashit & Hema Desai
Friday - 6/13/03
- Chinmaya Maruti
Saturday - 6/14/03
- Chinmaya Maruti
Sunday - 6/15/03
- Chinmaya Maruti
Monday - 6/16/03
- Math Summer Camps
Wednesday - 6/18/03
- Indo-jazz group Natraj and Agbekor Society perform at Ryles
Saturday - 6/21/03
- Untitled / A Hindi Play
Saturday - 6/28/03
- Conference on Impact of Swami Vivekananda
Friday - 7/4/03
- 5th All Brahmin National Conference / Brahmin Samaj of USA
Sunday - 8/10/03
- 2003 Vivekananda Family Camp
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