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Music Reviews - 2005 Recap

Ranjani Saigal

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Music Review - Kisna, The Warrior Poet

This album is worth buying and listening to for the sheer genius of A.R. Rahman, the bold, colorful tunes of Ismail Darbar and a talented team of singers and musicians. more...

Music Review - Taj Mahal
Naushad's returns with mood elevating musical tunes for Akbar Khan's magnum opus. more...

Music Review - The Heart Of Hip Hop Resides In 'Two Dirty Desis'

The unique and inimitable combination of irreverence, fury and genius lies at the heart of hip-hop. more...

Music Review - Parineeta

The music of Parineeta - a timeless classic by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyaya - is very different from the run of the mill stuff. more...

Music Review - No Entry

Anu Malik's peppy "No Entry" has a few likeable tracks and promises to facilitate a few good moves on the dance floor. [more]
Music Review - Jori

The three track CD which contains (i) Chautal (cheda and mukaa) in vilambit laya, (ii) Chautal (dugan, pakki dugan, paudi, rela and mukaa) and (iii) Chautal (tigan, pakki tigan, various aad, padaal, savai dugan paudi, paran, rela and mukah) is a most invigorating listening experience. [more]

Music Review - Garam Masala

Mix a bit of pop, a dash of Bhangra, a pinch of rap'n'reggae with a lot of fabulous voices and what do you get? A spicy recipe for success - or so hopes music director Pritam! [more]

Music Review - Kasak 
Kasak, which stars Lucky Ali and Pakistani bombshell Meera, has stirred a lot of interest both in terms of the erotic storyline and the music of M. M. Kreem fresh from the success of the supernatural folktale Paheli. [more]

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