Event Update
Friday - 05/29/09
Spring/Summer 09 trunk show
Bhajan Night - Sadhana Upadhyay

Saturday - 05/30/09
The Indian-American Parent’s Challenge: Kids and Culture
IAFPE Annual Meeting and Internship Award Dinner
IANH Spring Festival 2009

Sunday - 05/31/09
Shishu Bharati Open House / MA
Free SAT/PSAT Assessments
Shishu Bharati Open House / NH
Jagrata/ Sarvadev Mandir

Saturday - 6/6/09

Sunday - 6/7/09
Jagjit Singh - Live in Concert / CT
Free SAT/PSAT Assessments

Saturday - 6/13/09
Annual Fancy Dress Competition
Sushil Baweja Group - Ekal Charity Concert / MA

Sunday - 6/14/09
Sushil Baweja Group - Ekal Charity Concert / RI
Free SAT/PSAT Assessments

Wednesday - 6/17/09
Support Group for Women / Saheli

Thursday - 6/18/09
STRINGS Concert - Live in Boston

Friday - 6/19/09
Minuteman Senior Services Eating Together Luncheon

Sunday - 6/21/09
Free SAT/PSAT Assessments
Swami Mukundananda: Science of God-Realization
Black - Live in Concert

More Events
Our Voice And Yours

We bring to you some links to Boston - India news happenings.

Meet Our Sponsor - Raminder Bhatia, Realtor.

Lead Features, Local Happenings, Performing Arts, People, Contributions and Lifestyle.

Lokvani Talks To Pratibha Shah

(This article is sponsored by Attorney Trupti Patel)
"The future for Ayurved is very bright. With modern medicine having come to their last generation of antibiotics and resistant strains of bacteria developing quickly, answers will be sought in Alternate Systems. The holistic approach is also catching on fast," says Shah who is an Ayurvedic Doctor and has worked as Chief Medical Officer at CGHS. [more]

In Conversation With Sanjay Sinho, CEO, American India Foundation

(This article is sponsored by Attorney Rachel C. Tadmor)
"Generally speaking, philanthropy and service are parts of the Indian ethos, and part of every cultural tradition. We have been fortunate to have had the support of many leaders in the Indian American community and also thousands of other donors who feel that AIF is an effective way of giving to India" - Dr. Sanjay Sinho, AIF. [more]

Bollywood Baatein

(This article is sponsored by Monique Kornfeld, Esq.)
When Salman popped the question to Katrina she declined it politely, saying she has a flourishing career to look after. [more]

Hindu Heritage Day 2009

(This article is sponsored by Attorney Jan Albrecht)
Over 1,500 Hindu Americans assembled at Marlborough Middle School to celebrate the 13th Hindu Heritage Day. To mark this annual occasion, The Mayor of City of Marlborough, Nancy E. Stevens, proclaimed Sunday, May 17, 2009 as “Hindu Heritage Day.” [more]

South Asian Art - How To Display Artworks

(This article is sponsored by Prashant H. Fadia Foundation)
Art! It brings an element of vibrancy into your home or office. Your choice of art often reflects your own personality, your tastes, your aspirations…little wonder then that not only the choice of art, but also its display requires a lot of thought. [more]

NEHTI-YCEP Raises 5K To Support Youth Programs

A dance recital by eleven year Child Prodigy Shraddha Nagraj presented by the YCEP arm of NEHTI helped raise 5K to support the educational and cultural programs geared towards the youth. [more]

Jagjit Singh - Last USA Concert

As his last USA concert, Jagjit Singh will perform live in Windsor, CT on June 7th. BUY TICKETS [more]

TiECON 2009 Delivers Again With Its Entreprenuerial Focus On Sustainability

"I am very pleased to report that once again this year we had an oversubscribed conference, with over 650 registrants, speakers and sponsors in attendance. TiECON East 2009 was an economy-defying success," says Vanita Shastri, Executive Director of TIE-Boston. [more]

Samskrita Bharati's Fifth Annual Shloka Competition

“Namo NamaH | Mama naama ...” With these words of introductions in Sanskrit the children of the Greater Boston area, one after another, marked their participation in Samskrita Bharati’s Annual Shlokasparddhaa – Shloka Recitation Competition. Children ages 3 and up were quoting Valmiki. [more]

US-India BioPharma And Healthcare Summit 2009

"India's initiative to become innovation hub by 2020 in the area of BioPharma is a bold one. It is feasible and realistic provided all stakeholders work together," says Karun Rishi, President of the USA-India Chamber of Commerce who organized this one day event at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, MA. [more]

Shishu Bharati Open Houses

Nashua and Norwood Branches of Shishu Bharati are holding an open house for all parents in those area who are interested in learning about Shishu Bharati. The new academic year will begin in September, 2009. [more]

IANH Spring Festival 2009

This event on May 30th provides an opportunity to the Indian-American community to present their cultural talents. Last year more than 500 attended the event. [more]

LoKal Channel - May 28, 2009

Watch Dr. Dinesh Patel, Dr. Ashok Khosla at TIECON. Also watch Karun Rishi at the US-India BioPharma and Healthcare Summit 2009. [more]

Young Indian Students Score Well In JHU Talent Search

Indian American children were among top scorers in the ‘Talent Search’ sponsored by John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY). Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, CTY identifies America’s top students in Grades 2-6. [more]

Choate Wins National Economics Competition

Congratulations to Choate's Fed Challenge team, with Suril Kantaria, Nikhith Naidu and Aditya Rajagopalan, which won the national Fed Challenge competition on May 19 in Washington, D.C. [more]

The Gift Of Bees

The North South Foundation (NSF) and the India Association of New Hampshire (IANH) recently hosted the annual Vocabulary, Spelling and Math Bees at the Manchester Community College. [more]

Health Corner - Kitchen Herbs: Black Caraway (Syah Jeera)

‘Krishna jeerak’ or ‘syah/shahi jeera’, is second in the series of ‘Jeerak trai’, after cumin seeds. Its Latin name is ‘Carum carvi’ but is commonly known as Black caraway seeds. Caraway seeds look very much like cumin seeds but are thinner and somewhat sweeter. [more]

A Message To The Indian American Youth

Spring symbolizes youth. It brings energy, enthusiasm and fun in every strata of life on earth. Flowers bloom, birds start chirping, chuckles of kids can be heard in the playground everywhere, the whole atmosphere becomes lively. The spring festival is a celebration of that youth in all of us, and I am going to dedicate today’s column to the youth of America, in particular, our Indian American youth. [more]

Poem - To My Child

A beautiful poem written by a Father to save his Daughter!!! [more]

Weekend Entertainment

Catch up, register and purchase tickets for the events during this upcoming fortnight including IAFPE Summer Internship Dinner, Jagjit Singh Concert, Fancy Dress Competition, Sushil Baweja Group - Ekal Charity Concerts, Strings Concert, Black Concert and Nayaki. [more]

For The Mathematically Inclined

Congratulations to Aseem Chandawarkar, Arun Lahori and Sai Tenneti, who were the winner of the last set of puzzles. Here is one easy puzzle for students and one for adults. [more]

Music Review: 13 B

(This article is sponsored by Sounds Of India)
13 B made simultaneously in Hindi and Tamil with a world wide release in March has received encouraging reviews for both the movie and audio. [more]

Laugh A While

Graduation time! Lighter moments and comments. [more]

Cartoon: Guantanamo Bay Detainees

Guantanamo bay and empty bank vaults! [more]

Recipes - Finger Foods

Finger foods of all kinds. [more]

Photo Of The Fortnight

Sunflowers - Signs of summer! [more]

Thought For The Day

A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is a visible labor and there is an invisible labor. - Victor Hugo (1802-1885). [more]

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