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Local Givings - Prashant H Fadia And American India Foundation


Local Givings: Prashant Fadia Foundation And American India Foundation
“AIF plays an ever important role in bringing together Americans and Indians to become active contributors to India’s development.” — President Bill Clinton, Honorary Chairman of AIF.

Local Givings: Prashant Fadia Foundation And American India Foundation
In late 2010, findings from a landmark research study conducted by a ten-person team from J-Intersect, a global performance improvement company, have led the American India Foundation (AIF) to be named one of the two best diaspora philanthropy organizations worldwide, sharing the distinction with the Philippine Development Foundation/Ayala Foundation.

Local Givings: Prashant Fadia Foundation And American India Foundation - Blogging Across India
Kathleen Mitchell, an AIF Clinton Fellow blogs her story about the work of MANASI, an NGO focused on Maternal and New Born Health. Check out her engaging story with some great pictures. An excerpt,"Soon the drumming and singing picked up pace, a performer dressed in a traditional colorful costume with a big mask jumped out from behind the vehicle, and the show began!.."

Local Givings - Prashant Fadia And American India Foundation
A LAMP Program Lights A Child's Life

43% of students in LAMP hostels are girls, a remarkable figure given the cultural ambivalence and costs associated with leaving a girl in the village to continue her education.In LAMP hostels, AIF helps support the children’s education and provides a 2,200 calorie-a-day nutrition program and health care, while partnering with the village to provide shelter.

Local Givings: Prashant Fadia Foundation And American India Foundation: LAMP In Gujarat
Migrant Children are Gaining the Ability to Continue their Education through AIF’S Learning and Migration Program In Gujarat.

Local Givings - Prashant Fadia Foundation & American India Foundation:
Dell Awards AIF $712,000 For Digital Equalizer

This March, the American India Foundation (AIF) was awarded with its third Dell Youth Connect grant for its Digital Equalizer (DE) program. The grant, in the amount of $712,000, will go towards ten existing and five new AIF/Dell Youth Connect classrooms in Delhi, Mohali, and Chennai. Additionally, part of the grant will go towards a third party evaluation of the Connect classrooms, which is part of DE.

Local Givings - Prashant Fadia Foundation And AIF
AIF Wins 25K - Annual Kite Flying Event

AIF is one of the recipient of $25K prize money in the Chase Community Drive. AIF now has a chance to compete and win up to $500K in the second round. Please vote at www.facebook.com/aifoundation.
Reach For the Sky — AIF's exciting Annual Kite Flying Event will be held on June 11, 2011 at Spectacle Island, Boston.

Local Givings:Prashant Fadia And American India Foundation
Adobe Renews Its Partnership With AIF In DE Program

The AYV programme, which is implemented by American Indian Foundation, runs across 43 schools in India. Over 150,000 youth and 7,000 educators have been empowered globally through AYV initiative in its first five years. The program now aims to reach 1,000,000 youth and 50,000 educators around the world by 2016. In India, over 4,000 students have been impacted through this program and Adobe expects to expand this reach to cover over 8,500 youth and 400+ educators in the course of next five years.

Local Givings - Prashant Fadia Foundation And American India Foundation: AIF Rickshaw Sangh Impacts
Sabnam is a 19-year-old woman from Pardhi, a village in the Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. About 3 years ago, she married Mohammed Jamil, who worked as a weaver in a small saree-making unit, earning about Rs.100 per 8-hour-workday. Read how AIF Program impacted her life.

Local Givings: Prashant Fadia Foundation And American India Foundation: AIF 1st Annual Youth Summit
Sponsored by Ebay, AIF is thirlled to sponsor its 1st Youth Summit, focused on the inspiring work being done by youth in the United States, India and across the Globe on August 1st in San Jose.

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INDIA / Gujarat / Kutch / 19 April 2010
Somibehn, hostel co-ordinator of Cohesion Foundation Trust run Bharat Seasonal Hostel at Gharana village use TLMs to teach the students.

A LAMP educational hostel in Kutch

Students prepare a project on a computer at a government highschool in Bangalore,a large scale model DE school.Photo Credits: Prashant Panjiar

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