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Congratulations To Spotlight On Excellence Award Winners - Community Catalysts

Lokvani Team

Congratulations to Anu Chitrapu, Arun Chaudhari, Durga Krishnan, Gauri Banerjee, Jawed Wahid, Jay Gupta, Kija Kim, Kumkum Dilwali, Manju Sheth, Mitali Biswas, Mohan Samlal, Raj Melville, Ritu Gaind, Shashi Chawla, Siraj Khan, Somnath Mukherjee and Usha Vakil, who have been selected to receive the Lokvani Spotlight on Excellence Award for the "Community Catalysts" category. The awards will be made available  on September 9, 201l at the Lokvani Gala.

Some excerpts from the nominations:

Anu Chitrapu
 ... I am very impressed at the hard work & dedication that Anu has shown for Vision Aid.

Arun Chaudhari
...Arun is a Holistic Yogic Life Educator, Devotional Poet, and Satsang Singer. He has participated in community work and organized many cultural festivals.   He coordinates Satsangs in Boston's South Shore area, Upward Life Development Camp for children and Conflict Resolution service project, “Setubandhan” in India. 

Durga Krishnan
...Durga Krishnan is an acclaimed music teacher. As a faculty at LearnQuest, she has been instrumental in organizing the annual music festival.  At Chinmaya Mission, she leads the cultural team. She also directs a Chinmaya Youth Orchestra team.  Durga is a vital part of the cultural community in the New England area, and has played a major role in creating awareness and serving the cause of music.
Gauri Banerjee
...A founding member of Saheli she has spearheaded the work to provide support to victims of domestic violence .

Jawed Wahid
..Jawed Wahid has been an amazing catalyst in arranging high quality music programs in the Boston area for years. He is a driving force behind the "baithak" that invites high calibre and top ranking classical musicians to perform in a very intimate "baithak" setting. 
Jay Gupta
...Jay Gupta combines his natural enthusiasm with 28 years of yoga experience and extensive knowledge as a community pharmacist to educate and empower people to care for their health and wellness.  In 2006, he started the nonprofit organization, YogaCaps, Inc., to help people be healthier and to share free yoga classes for special populations and donation-based retreats and classes for the public. 

Kija Kim
...Kija, Chair of Atask, has done tremendous work to support victims of domestic violence. She has worked tirelessly to extend the services to the South Asian communty.

Kumkum Dilwali
...Kumkum's commitment to catalyzing the community to action spans over three decades and three distinct areas of community involvement: music, teaching, and elder care. She carries her message of devotion through vocal music and is a recognized name in any community she espouses. 

Manju Sheth
...She has been doing lot of charity work. She has been a driving force pulling people towards supporting charities. She is involved in  ATASK, Saheli, IMANE etc. Her passion, her enthusiasm is genuine and it attracts people.

Mitali Biswas
...Mithali has brought dance to so many who may not consider dancing as their forte and brought the best out of them at so many community events.   For the last 10 years, she has volunteered to teach dance to the children from the India Society of Worcester’s cultural School and represented and choreographed dances for the Pre-Game Entertainment at two Celtic Games.
Mohan Samlal
...  He believes in using Indian Music as a forum for promoting authentic Indian culture- especially the spiritual forms of Indian music.  Mohan's  vision is to see young aspiring music students really achieve the highest and explore all their talents. He is truly a cultural ambassador. Mohan is performing community service thru music, culture, and doing so with key goal to teach children our heritage and become best Indian-American citizens.

Raj Melville
...Raj Melville has been a community catalyst through his work in the field of social entrepreneurship.  He created the TIE Social Entrepreneurship group in Boston and founded the conference, Forum for Social Entrepreneurs, which is in its fifth year.  He has advised and mentored many social entrepreneurs in the Boston area and  helped make TIE-SE as one of the most  important resource group for social entrepreneurs in the Boston area.

Ritu Gaind
...Riru Gaind has worked extremely hard and started Sundarkhand paath
at Chinmaya mission. She has served as a catalyst to bring new kinds of events to Chinmaya Maruthi.

Shashi Chawla
...Shashi Chawla serves on the Education and Engagement Committee at the Harvard Art Museums. She draws on her education at IIT Delhi, along with a Sangeet Prabhakar degree in Kathak, as well as an extensive training in classical music to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching audiences of all ages and backgrounds as a volunteer educator at the Harvard Art Museums.

Siraj Khan
...Sirajji is a great music aficionado who has founded the OP Nayyar Memorial Trust to provide financial support to music artistes of yester years, such as Mubarak Begum. He has been organizing and conducting the annual OP Nayyar night in Boston, where local singers bring to life golden oldies. He has an unerring eye and ear that informs every stage of an event, from selecting the songs and song sequence, selecting the singers, emceeing, and logistical organization.

Somnath Mukherjee
...He is the longest serving volunteer for Association for India's Development – Boston, and a well respected and an honest member of the community. He has worked tirelessly to mobilize support, funding and volunteers in Boston, for policy and socio-economic development work across India.

Usha Vakil
...Usha is a founder of Saheli and a long serving member of IAGB who has worked tirelessly to bring the Indian Community together.

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