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From The Readers... - Part 1

Compiled by Anoop Kumar

Health Corner - Dry Winter Skin
A healthy skin is an excellent defense barrier against bacteria, viruses and fungi, which can enter through this route. So here is what we can do to maintain the health of our skin.

Tax Tips: Tax Strategies For IRA Losses
Trillions of dollars disappeared from taxpayers' retirement accounts in the closing months of 2008, thanks to the crisis in the financial markets. If your IRA lost value, you might have a tax opportunity to consider.

Indology III - The Myth Of The Aryan Invasion
The aryan invasion theory has been one of the most controversial historical topics for well over a century. It should be pointed out that it remains just that – a theory.

Siddhayatan Tirth & Retreat
The first Hindu-Jain pilgrimage site in North America is finally here! Siddhayatan, located near Dallas, TX, is an extraordinary and unique miniature spiritual pilgrimage site.

Future Indian Market
Will The Indian Market Be To America What The American Market Was To Europe 100 Years Ago?

Beauty Tips For Aging Skin
Terrific beauty tips from Jodi Chatterjee, owner , Moksha Spa to take care of your skin.

Vaisakhi Mela 2009
More than 1000 people attended the Vaisakhi Mela featuring Surindar Shinda, Sukhwinder Panchi, Ranjit Teji and Ishmeet Narula. The event waa sponsored by a number of local businesses and local media.

An Exercise In Democracy
I was in Bombay on November 4th watching the US elections through an Indian lens as the historic selection of the first black president unfolded. So five months later I felt there was a certain symmetry to be in India again right at the midpoint of the month long election process in the world’s largest democracy.

Community Organization: Asha Jyoti
The Asha Jyoti Community Welfare Society of Canada is a nonprofit, secular and charitable organization originally with the sole purpose of providing educational scholarships to the children of economically strained communities in India.

Health Corner - Kitchen Herbs: Black Caraway (Syah Jeera)
‘Krishna jeerak’ or ‘syah/shahi jeera’, is second in the series of ‘Jeerak trai’, after cumin seeds. Its Latin name is ‘Carum carvi’ but is commonly known as Black caraway seeds. Caraway seeds look very much like cumin seeds but are thinner and somewhat sweeter.

A Message To The Indian American Youth
Spring symbolizes youth. It brings energy, enthusiasm and fun in every strata of life on earth. Flowers bloom, birds start chirping, chuckles of kids can be heard in the playground everywhere, the whole atmosphere becomes lively. The spring festival is a celebration of that youth in all of us, and I am going to dedicate today’s column to the youth of America, in particular, our Indian American youth.

Tax-Advantaged Long-Term Care Insurance
Tax-advantaged long-term care insurance provides special benefits exclusively for business owners.

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