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Siddhayatan Tirth & Retreat

Press Release

The first Hindu- Jain pilgrimage site in North America is finally here! Siddhayatan, located near Dallas, TX, is an extraordinary and unique miniature spiritual pilgrimage site as it contains famous Hindu-Jain tirthas such as: Mansarovar-Kelash, Chardham, Sammedshikhar, Bahubali, Palitana, and  Girnarji, etc.  Established by Acharya Shree Yogeesh in August 2008, Siddhayatan is seated on 125 acres of beautiful rolling hills creating a perfect spiritual atmosphere and peaceful vibrations for pilgrimage, meditation, and learning.

Siddhayatan currently has 5 main structures which includes a 5,000 sq ft. home, an 11,000 sq ft. future lecture and community hall, with 3 additional structures which are the main dining hall with kitchen, mandir, and pathshala. Accommodations are also available.

Your support, by sharing this great news with the Indian community, will help continue to preserve Indian culture and spirituality in the United States and abroad. Please see and share attached flyer with your family, friends, and community today. If you or your association would like to sponsor one of the children’s dormitory rooms, please let me know.

Feel free to contact Siddhayatan for more information, (903) 487-0717 or email: Siddhayatan@gmail.com. Also, you may visit: www.siddhayatan.org.

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