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IANH Vasant Festival 2017
Cultural Show celebrating the spirit of Spring. IANH Vasant festival will have Bollywood group Dance competition and Art contest. In Non-competitive dances we also invite bollywood and and classical/folk dances. Non-competitive Art, Music, or special talent like stand up comedy or acting. Please register your groups here by April 30th 2017 on this link. https://ianh.org/activities/cultural/vasant-festival-2017-registrations Here is the link for the information on sponsorships package and vendor tables for the IANH Vasant festival 2017. Please contact Secretary@ianh.org for more info. https://ianh.org/images/Activities/Cultural/docs/Utsav2017/IANH-Vasant-Festival-Promotion-2017-04.pdf

Date: 05/21/2017
Location: 8 Titan Way NAshua NH 03063
Time: 2:00 pm

Contact: Cultural@ianh.org

Web: https://ianh.org/activities/cultural/vasant-festival-2017-registrations
Email: cultural@ianh.org

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