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How To Ensure A Stress-Free New England Road Trip For Your Family

Chrissy Jones

How to Ensure a Stress-Free New England Road Trip for Your Family

Popular Indian travel blogger Ami Bhat once said: “Traveling to places helps you create memories that help you virtually travel forever”. Family vacations and road trips, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular in the USA, with more than 76% of travelers preferring to travel by road than by plane. While going on a road trip with your family in tow may seem daunting, you need little more than a bit of planning and a keen sense for adventure to ensure that your trip across New England is one of your best family vacations yet.

Find the right vehicle for the trip

One of the most important considerations of a family road trip isthe mode of transportation.While the family vehicle will definitely suffice if you are planning a day trip or one that involves sleeping over in hotels or other accommodations, an RV can transform a road trip completely. There are many benefits to traveling in an RV including having restroom facilities at your disposalat all times – which is great news if you are traveling with children who tend to drink too much juice and then need the toilet every hour. Traveling in an RV is also substantially more comfortable (and peaceful) than traveling by car as each family member will have their own space to relax in. The kitchen facilities in an RV are also of great benefit as it allows for the easy preparation of meals and snacks while on the road.

Plan frequent, exciting stops

The secret to an enjoyable family road trip it to make frequent and entertaining stops.  Remember that a road trip is not a race, especially when you have young children in the family. Stopping at regular intervals will not only allow everyone to stretch their legs and use the restroom but also enjoy some of the beautiful scenery New England is famous for. Whether you travel along the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire or journey through Vermont on Route 100, you will easily find many worthy places to stop at.  The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tour in Waterbury is bound to leave a smile on everyone’s face while walking around various arts and craft shops in Wilmington is always a fun excursion. If you find yourself traveling through Burlington you may also just be lucky enough to stumble upon one of many Indian festivals and celebrations that are held throughout the year. 

Keep everyone entertained

Being confined to a vehicle for several hours a day can bring out the worst in even the most well-behaved child.  When children are bored they are not only bound to start bickering with each other but may start nagging their parents as well. Good old-fashioned car games such as ‘I Spy’ is a sure-fire way to keep young and old entertained, age-appropriate mobile games and apps can also make time fly.  Coloring books, sketch pads, Rubik’s cubes, andportable DVD players or tabletscan also all prove to be very handy as can a selection of soft toys that can’t cause damage or hurt anything if it gets tossed across the car by accident. 

Although the mere thought of a family road trip may seem daunting, it does not need to cause unnecessary stress. As long as you plan your trip well you are bound to have the best family vacation you could have ever dreamed of.

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