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In Conversation With: Year In Review - Part IV


In Conversation With Jaspreet S Monga, Filmmaker
I feel the film is definitely a collective experience of most immigrants where they are torn between their future in this country and their attachment to their motherland. - Jaspreet Monga, Filmmaker.

In Conversation With Peter Allen - Immigration Attorney
As Sounds of India changes its form, in addition to the voices of Harish and Binita Dang, one also remembers Max and Peter Allen, immigration attorneys who used to appear on their show and answer immigration questions. Peter Allen speaks about his relationship with the Indian community and immigration.

In Conversation With Kailash Satyarthi
“Let us be the generation that ends slavery,” said Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi who touched the soul of New Englanders as he addressed the community at MIT. His talk brought out his genuine love for children and his courage and conviction to take on a cause that is challenging to say the least.

In Conversation With Irum Haque
Massachusetts resident Irum Haque is an educator who specializes in language based disabilities. She believes our shared humanity ultimately leads us to pursue the greater good for all people, regardless of background, race, creed or origin.

In Conversation With Melli Annamalai
Any kind of economic development and social progress requires an educational system that promotes reasoning, rational thinking, creativity and innovation. Annamalai discusses her involvement with Asha and the $100K award from Oracle for Science and Math Education in Government Schools.

In Conversation With Sandhya Nadkarni
Sandhya Nadkarni is the creator and publisher of Indfused, an award winning blog dedicated to Indian and innovative Indian fusion recipes.

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