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In Conversation With Irum Haque


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City of Providence Mayor Jorge O. Elorza and the Department of Art, Culture + Tourism are hosting its newest installation, More Than My Religion.

Massachusetts resident Irum Haque is an educator who specializes in language based disabilities. She believes our shared humanity ultimately leads us to pursue the greater good for all people, regardless of background, race, creed or origin. Ehsun Mirza is an ICU physician, photographer and humanitarian that calls Rhode Island his home. He and his wife, Saira Hussain, also a physician, are active in many relief efforts in United States and Pakistan. They are raising their children to be nationality, color, racially and religiously blind. Working for humanity is the cornerstone of their life. They want to bring down the walls between people of different races so they can be respectful to each other.

Irum Haque gave us an insight on why this exhibition of art was significant and relevant in today’world

Share with us what this event is about? Where and how long will it be there? The goal/purpose of this exhibit? 

“More than My Religion” is an art exhibition of diverse subject matter and a community outreach effort. It is meant to separate the media image of Muslims being defined by acts of violence around the world from the reality of Muslims as citizens and contributing members of society, in most cases no different from people of other faiths.  Named and local Muslim artists from the Boston and Providence areas are contributing their work to illustrate their values using art as a medium. 

The exhibition will be running at the Providence City Hall from October 8th, 2015 to November 17, 2015.

How did you choose the artists?

We received more than 200 submissions. In the end, 40 artworks were selected by Jill Brody, a Providence photographer who served as an independent juror for the exhibit.

Is it a charitable event and what cause are you supporting?

A percentage of the profits from artwork sold will benefit MAE, an organization that avidly combats homelessness through holistic approaches, a testament to one of the fundamental cores of Islam. Muslims believe that they have a moral and ethical obligation to all of their fellow community members, and the Muslim artists involved in this exhibition hope that their monetary donations will help further MAE along in their mission to aid the homeless.

What other events are planned around this time?

There is some thinking around a next step, but we don't have any firm plans to announce at this time.

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