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Lokvani mourns the loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia and its seven member crew.

Martyr's Day- Nehru's Address To Nation On January 30, 1948
Lokvani Talks To B.D. Nayak
"Thinking is my hobby. I don't consider my work as work, it is something I love" - B.D. Nayak, area's well known architect. more...
R-K-Vision Team Up With New Ventures
"We try to bring artists that are not only popular but also meaningful. This will give a chance for different communities to come together " - Roma and Kusal Chattopadhyay, share their vision. more...
Whats Up - New Excitement On The Horizon
Meet the cool folks behind the new and exciting TV show 'What's Up' that hits the air on 2nd February, on PAX 68. more...
Getting To Know The Saptaswar Artists
One of the perks of this job I have is meeting the coolest, nicest folks and getting to know them.
Part 1

Part 2
Introducing Meena Sonea Hewett
I have been designing Exhibits and Displays for the past 12 years. Full Moon Design is a recent initiative that developed through my work for Saheli. more...
IIT50 Attracts Movers And Shakers From US And India
Alumni from IITs gathered in San Jose, CA to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of Indian Institute of Technology. Lokvani was there. more...
IAGB Brings In A Riot Of Color At The Republic Day Extravanganza
January 25th, 2002 dawned bright and sunny: the chilling temperatures that had plagued the State that week lessened, setting the stage for the beautiful backdrop of the Republic Day extravaganza organized by IAGB. more...
Famous Faces, Famous Words - Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Special
Narendra Modi to Lokvani "I am not afraid of any question you may ask me. I cannot talk now."
A message for Lokvani readers?
Modi-Only big people give messages and I am a small man.
Transforming Indo - US Relations
Speaking at the IIT50 Celebrations at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California, the American Ambassador to India, Mr. Robert Blackwill spoke about Indo - US relations which he described as currently being "in steep assent". more...
Health - Was It Something I Ate
First of all, Mr. Mehta, the fact that you do not eat meat does not mean that you do not consume animal fat. All that milk, butter and ghee that is integral to your good wife's delicious cooked meal exposes you to all of the dietary saturated fats and contribute to your adverse lipid profile. more...
A Legend Passes On - Harivanshrai Bachhan And His Madhushala
On January 18, 2003, the legendary Hindi literateur Harivansh Rai Bachhan died of a prolonged respiratory illness at his son Amitabh Bachhan's residence Pratiksha. more...

Humor - Khyber Pass, a.k.a. Cyber Space…?
Did chicken really come before eggnog? Or was it Trent or Strom that came first? more...

Film Review - Bollywood/Hollywood
An appealing masala mix, Hollywood/Bollywood is a refreshing concoction of contemporary Western Hollywood sensibilities and the vibrant melodrama and mayhem that is Bollywood. more...
Recipes - Eggplant Special
Try out this spicy Hyderabadi baigan and mirchi curry dish. A sure party hit! more...
Music Review - Jism
Portraying a landscape of longing and erotic yearning (what this Pooja Bhatt production, Bipasha Basu film claims to be), the music of Jism is smooth and melodic. more...

What Would Mahatma Gandhi Do?
The senseless attacks on the University of Massachusetts Lowell students on that cold and snowy December night set into motion a number of events. more...

Two Poems - Being Alive, Gulf War
Two poignant poems from guest contributor Vasanth. more...

Participate In Spelling Bee And Vocabulary Contests
Announcing the Regional Spelling Bee and Vocabulary contests.

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