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Our Voice And Yours

Lokvani wishes all its readers a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Voice And Yours
Miss India New England 2023
Miss India New England 2023

‘Miss India New England’ 2023 show will be held on Sunday ‘Nov 26th’ at ‘Double Tree by Hilton' in Andover Massachusetts. The show will start at 12 noon and is expected to end at 4pm. The format is new this year with many titles and crowns added; also featuring an International designer of Indian origin from Hollywood California.

Boston Bhangra Miss Pooja

Boston Bhangra is pleased and honored to have Miss Pooja as our artist this year. She is an artist of legendary status with over 4,000 songs to her name! She is by far the most recognized female Punjabi artist of all time!

Boston Bhangra Miss Pooja
Sur Saheli: A Delightful Evening Of Music And Dance
Sur Saheli: A Delightful Evening Of Music And Dance

Musical group Tal Mel and dancer Pallavi Nagesha are teaming up to present a delightful afternoon of music and dance on December 2 at the Lexington Christian Academy to support Saheli. The team talked to Lokvani about the program.

Know How Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication

by Dr. Indrajeet Tyagi and Dr. Iranna Hirapur
Lifestyle plays a vital role in treating high blood pressure. You can control your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle and might prevent, delay, or reduce the need for medication. By making these 10 lifestyle changes, you can lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Know How Control High Blood Pressure Without Medication
A Tribute To Chandu Shah
A Tribute To Chandu Shah

by Geetha Patil
Bijoy Misra, the convener of SAPNE decided to dedicate the poetry meet of November 19, 2023, with the title “चंदु स्मरण /Remembering Chandu” as a tribute to Chandu Shah’s memory. The aim is to respect his enthusiasm, services, and contribution to the creative arts arena through our homage in the form of short poems in different languages and create a beautiful live portrait of Mr. Shah through our poetry.

Glittering FIA-NE Diwali Celebrations Illuminate Massachusetts And Rhode Island State Houses

In a dazzling display of cultural vibrancy and communal harmony, the Foundation of Indian-Americans (FIA) New England orchestrated consecutive Diwali celebrations at the State Houses of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Held on November 15th and 17th, these events brought together eminent dignitaries, philanthropists, and community leaders to revel in the festive splendor of the Festival of Lights.

Glittering FIA-NE Diwali Celebrations Illuminate Massachusetts And Rhode Island State Houses
TriNethra: The Third Eye Festival – 2023
TriNethra: The Third Eye Festival – 2023

by Suman Adisesh
On November 4th 2023 New England dance lovers were subjected to a treat and that was the “TriNethra- The Third Eye Festival of Dance” that was conceived by none other than Jayshree Bala Rajamani who is a well-known Artist/Bharatanatyam Dancer in the New England area.

Brahma Kumaris Celebrated Diwali With Inner Awakening Message

The Brahma Kumaris (BK) Meditation Center - A Learning Center for Peace, Watertown, MA celebrated Diwali festival on Saturday, November 11, 2023 evening with much devotion and piety. A hall full of devotees along with the special guest speaker Dorothy Streinfeld gathered together to celebrate the festival of lights- Diwali.

Brahma Kumaris Celebrated Diwali With Inner Awakening Message
Sri Siddha Lalitha Peetham: Satyanarayana Puja And Annabhishekam To Shiva
Sri Siddha Lalitha Peetham: Satyanarayana Puja And Annabhishekam To Shiva

Kartika Purnami - Satyanarayana Puja and Annabhishekam to Shiva at Sri Siddha Lalitha Peetham in Burligton, MA.

NESSP: Upcoming Events

Tulasi Vivah and Karthika Poornima Satyanarayan Swami Vratam at NESSP.

NESSP: Upcoming Events
The Biggest Boston Bhangra Ever - Don't Miss It
The Biggest Boston Bhangra Ever - Don't Miss It

Balle Balle Balle! It’s that time of the year again, and Boston Bhangra, Inc is hosting their 20th annual Boston Bhangra Competition on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023 with legendary Miss Pooja and teams from all over US and Canada.

Srinivasa Kalyana – Celestial Wedding Event Hosted By NESRSB

New England Sri Raghavendra Swamy Brundavana (NESRSB) invites you to the annual Srinivasa Kalyana, marking the sacred union of Lord Srinivasa and Goddess Padmavathi, which will take place on December 10, from 9 AM to 2 PM, at Bhakti Samaj Center, 147 Frost Street, Tyngsboro, MA.

Srinivasa Kalyana – Celestial Wedding Event Hosted By NESRSB
Arangetram: Sanjula Jakati
Arangetram: Sanjula Jakati

by Pratusha Nouduri
Sanjula Jakati, student of Smt Sapna Krishnan, gave an amazing performance on her arangetram in front of a fully-packed audience. Sanjula engulfed the audience from the get-go with a graceful Pushpanjali and striking Narsimha Kauthuvam.

Kanan Sachdeva Recognized As Top National Financial Advisor By Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual, a leading financial security company, is honoring Westborough, Mass.-based Wealth Management Advisor Kanan Sachdeva for her commitment and drive to helping families and businesses plan for and achieve financial security.

Kanan Sachdeva Recognized As Top National Financial Advisor By Northwestern Mutual
Madhuban - Book Launch
Madhuban - Book Launch

Parveen Minocha released her very unique bi-lingual children’s book of poetry - Madhuban on Oct. 29. The book is an appropriate path for a child familiar with English to learn Hindi. The transliterated lines along with translation provides the perfect mechanism. The book is available on Amazon. Dr. Subra Dravida was the chief guest for the evening and the book was released by Parveen’s dear sister who runs a school in India.

Lokvani Talks To Sanjay Sehgal

A volunteer trainer for the heartfulness movement, Sehgal talked to Lokvani about the book Spiritual Anatomy written by the current leader of the movement - Kamlesh Patel, who is referred as the Revered Daaji. It talks about a unique meditation technique that is simple and can change your life.

Lokvani Talks To Sanjay Sehgal
Know How To Treat Lichen Planus Naturally
Know How To Treat Lichen Planus Naturally

by Geetha Patil and Dr. Kirankumar Rathod
Lichen planus (LP) that resembles Lichen (a fungus and an alga) is a common chronic inflammatory condition affecting the skin and mucosal surfaces marked by a thick band-like infiltration on the skin and severe itching. If the lichen planus is not too severe and other conditions are favorable, a combination of Shodhana and Shamanachikitsa, Nidanparivarjan, and Kushthaharadravyprayog can help.

Poem: Bharatiya Festivals

My Bharat lovely Bharat
Colorful Bharat vibrant Bharat
Rich Bharat diverse Bharat
Embracing Bharat amiable Bharat
Filled with love and harmony...

Poem: Bharatiya Festivals
For The Mathematically Inclined
For The Mathematically Inclined

Here are two problems to challenge you over the weekend.

Darshana Patel
Satya Mitra
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Friday - 11/24/23
Tulsi Vivah 2023
Shukra Pradosh Vrat 2023

Saturday - 11/25/23
Vishweshawar Vrat 2023

Sunday - 11/26/23
Miss India New England
Nimbarka Jayanti - Children

Thursday - 11/30/23
Inner Engineering Total

Saturday - 12/2/23
Boston Bhangra Competition 2023
Sur Saheli

Saturday - 12/30/23
Bramhavadaadinis Present Purusha Suktam

Sunday - 12/31/23
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Yoga Teacher Training in RIshikesh

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