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  1. What are the advantages of joining mailing list?
    Every fortnight you will receive the Lokvani Newsletter loaded with New England desi information. The Newsletter will contain interesting articles, interviews with local celebrities and information about upcoming events, sales, shows, etc.
  2. How do I subscribe to Lokvani Newsletter?
    Easy, just send your email address to Lokvani (subscribe@lokvani.com) or click here. You can also sign up your friend.
  3. Can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
    You can unsubscribe by sending an email to unsubscribe@lokvani.com.
  4. I did not receive a newletter. Can you resend it?
    The Newsletter is available online at http://www.lokvani.com/newsletter.html. Alternatively you can request a copy by sending an email to info@lokvani.com.
  5. How do I see past issues?
    Click on the archives on the front page of lokvani.
  6. How do I inform changes in email address?
    Unsubscribe the old email address and subscribe with the new email address. Alternatively send an email to info@lokvani.com
  7. How do I advertise on Lokvani?
    Click here to send an online request to advertise at Lokvani or send an email directly to advertise@lokvani.com.
  8. Why should I advertise on Lokvani?
    By advertising on Lokvani you will get an opportunity to reach a large selection of New England desi audience. You will also be supporting a community service.
  9. What is Lokvani Calendar?
    At Lokvani, you will find a calendar which lists the events taking place on a particular day. You may access this feature at Calendar. You can use this to browse local events and post events.
  10. How do I post an event on Lokvani?
    Click here to post an event.
  11. How do I remove an event from Lokvani?
    Please send an email to info@lokvani.com and we will remove it promptly.
  12. How do I post a job opportunity?
    Click here to post a job.
  13. Where do I view jobs listed?
    Click here to view job listings.

If you have trouble using any of the feature on the site, please send an email to info@lokvani.com

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