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NSF Workshops
NSF Massachusetts Chapter is conducting workshops in Spelling, Vocabulary, Science, Math and Geography on Feb 11 and Feb 12 in Fitchburg State University. For details, visit www.northsouth.org . Excellence Through Education North South Foundation (NSF) is a non-profit, tax-exempt and voluntary organization that awards merit scholarships to exceptionally qualified needy students in India. These scholarships, for college education, are awarded with no consideration to religion, gender, caste or geographic origin. In addition, NSF organizes contests in spelling, math, vocabulary, geography, science, essay writing and public speaking for children of Indian origin living in USA.

Date: 02/12/2012
Location: Fitchburg State University
Organized By: North South Foundation (NSF)

Web: www.northsouth.org
Email: nsfworcesterma@gmail.com

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