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Baba Shivanand - Healing and Meditation Workshops
Avdhoot Baba Shivanand will offer several healing and meditation workshops in Houston for 2 weeks from October 2nd through 16th. First day long session on October 2nd is for physicians and healthcare professionals, followed by a 2 day mass healing and satsang on October 4th and 5th.

In Boston area, Babaji’s ShivYog meditation techniques are followed and taught by Neeta Shah at India Society of Worcester (every Tuesday evening from 7 to 8 pm followed by a video discourse by Babaji for 20 minutes). Many people in Boston area listen to Babaji’s discourses on Indian Channels (ZeeTV at 6 am) in Boston area. Babaji is blessed with the divine healing powers and overflows with unconditional love, grace and compassion for all beings on this planet. He guides people to reach their goal of living a full life, followed by reaching their destination of achieving self-realization through Shivyog. He has graced countless number of people with his healing powers and wisdom about basic facts and challenges of life.

Along with Kundalini meditations that release us from our past karmas and doshas, Babaji also teaches various healing techniques using the divine powers of Sanjeevani Shakti. This Shakti is a combination of 32 different energies that brings all that is good and desirable in our life including good health, success, peace, prosperity, love and harmony. During his shivirs (workshops), Babaji gives “Shaktipat” (initiates) and connects sadhaks (practitioners) to this divine Sanjeevani Shakti. With regular practice of these meditation techniques, sadhaks immediately experience positive changes in their life and circumstances. Now you will have an opportunity to experience this divine energy and learn these techniques from Babaji himself as he is visiting Houston in October 2010. He will be teaching basic as well as advanced healing and meditation techniques from October 2nd – October 16th. You can contact Neeta Shah at 508-616-6903 for more information or visit www.shivyogusa.com. Classes and Schedule are listed below:

October 2nd – Science beyond Science- Conference for Physicians and health care professionals [No Charge]
October 4th, 5th – Mass Healing and Satsang [No charge]
October 7th thru 9th – Siddha Dhyan and Healing [Fee based workshop]
October 11th thru 13th- Shambhavi Dhyan and Healing [Fee based workshop]
October 14th thru 16th- Sri Vidya [Fee based workshop]

Date: 10/02/2010
Location: Houston, TX
Time: 10/2-10/16

Contact: Neeta Shah 508.616.6903

Web: www.shivyogusa.com
Email: neetasemail@gmail.com

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