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2010 NASABA Convention
The North American South Asian Bar Association ('NASABA' www.nasaba.com) and the South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston ('SABA GB' www.sabagb.org) are pleased to invite you to attend the Seventh Annual NASABA Convention to be held in one of America’s most historic cities, Boston, Massachusetts, from June 24 – 27, 2010. This Convention will offer substantive, cultural, civic, and social programs of the highest caliber, in the tradition that NASABA has established over previous years. Please continue to visit this website for updates and additional programming details in the coming weeks.

The theme for NASABA’s 2010 Convention is “Making History”. Join us in the Cradle of Liberty and experience American History for yourself. This year’s Convention promises outstanding programming, diverse culture, and a beautiful waterfront venue. Exceptional speakers from the legal community, judiciary, political arena, and business sector tackle current topics and lend their expertise in discussions relevant to both new and seasoned attorneys, as well as those looking to build on their legal experience by pursuing non-traditional career paths.

Walk the streets of Boston and history is all around you. Founded on September 17, 1630, on a peninsula called Shawmut by the Native Americans who lived there, Boston is named after Boston, England, a town in Lincolnshire from which several prominent colonists originated. Playing a significant role in the Revolutionary War, the city is famous for such events as the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, and Paul Revere’s ride. Through the years, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, its government and its people have continued to make history. From some of the world’s premiere academic institutions, to great abolitionist debates, its major role in the Underground Railroad, to the Country’s second-elected African American Governor and the Commonwealth’s decision to be the first state to recognize same-sex marriage, Massachusetts continues its tradition of excellence and acceptance. <
br> Now, it’s your turn to make history. See you in June.

Date: 06/24/2010
Location: InterContinental Hotel Boston, MA
Time: 6/24-6/27

Web: http://www.nasabaconvention.org/

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