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Hamsa Dhyana Meditation with Swami Mahesh
Hamsa Dhyana is an advanced meditation practice derived from Tantra. It offers practical techniques that speed up the process of human evolution and can be practiced by everyone. It aims at turning every action of life into an act of celebration and expression of the divine. It bridges the gap between the material and spiritual dimensions of our lives. This brings us into the 'flow and rhythm' of the Cosmos: an experience of oneness that connects to the place of abiding peace within our own self and at the same time feeling the harmony within and without. It also brings better body and mind coordination and control, reduction of stress and develops mental clarity and focus. All levels of meditation practitioners are welcome.

Date: 04/04/2010
Location: YogaCaps, Inc.
Time: 6:00 pm

Organized By: YogaCaps, Inc.

Cost: Donations for Swami Mahesh

Contact: Ajay & Terry Gupta @ info@yogacaps.org

Web: http://www.yogacaps.org
Directions: Merrimack, NH (1 hr from Boston)

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