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Prana Vidya Practice Seminar
This practice oriented session will explain the meaning, functional classification and importance of Prana, Breathing and Pranayama and its link to body-mind interaction, and Pranic healing techniques. You will also get a rare glimpse into (1) Prana Nidra - a Tantric technique of revitalizing the body, mind and spirit and to see our connection with the universal energy, called Maha Prana; and (2)Chakra Dharana - integrating the total personality dimension using the powerful beeja mantras of the chakras.

Date: 04/03/2010
Location: YogaCaps, Inc.
Time: 9:00 am

Organized By: YogaCaps, Inc.

Cost: Donations for Swami Mahesh

Contact: Ajay/Terry Gupta =info@yogacaps.org. Online registration required.

Web: http://www.yogacaps.org
Directions: Southern NH, 1 hr from Boston

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