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2009 Vivekanand Family Camp
Vivekananda Family Camp 2009 Tolland Masachusetts. Aug 16, 2009 - to August 22, 2009; Ages 4-18 years and Adults Theme: Being a Hindu in America: Challenges and Solutions. Activities include: Yoga, Meditation, Education, Arts, Crafts, Swimming, Canoing, Games, Cultural, Aarti, Leadership, Training. Vegetarian Meals.

Date: 08/16/2009
Location: Tolland, MA
Time: Aug. 16 - Aug. 22

Cost: Varies from $125-$250 depending on how early you register and the age group

Food: Vegetarian Meals included in registration cost

Contact: Jaya Asthana 508-875-0432 Kaushik Patel 508-977-9347

Web: http://vhpafamilycamp.org
Email: jasthana@hotmail.com
Directions: Please see the web site

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