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Aligarians across the world have been mostly active and positive contributors to the society and are particularly committed to help their alma mater and its student body. The Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations (FAAA) in the United States is a non-profit and non-political organization serving the educational, social, literary and cultural needs of the community and was established in 2001 to bring all AMU Alumni Associations under one umbrella. Why a Convention? Annual convention provides an opportunity to organize our-selves on one platform, generate awareness of the issues that we are facing in today’s world and develop networking. This is the only time of the year that Aligarians of all affiliations and professional background assemble together at one place. This is in itself a towering and crucial achievement and will go a long way towards building an effective and strong organization. At the convention representatives of various AMUAAs, researchers, business executives and academic experts will analyze and offer solutions to challenges faced by AMU, its student body and alumni. Why attend? The first and perhaps the most important reason is interactive social gathering which will provide opportunities in networking with individuals and groups of diverse professional backgrounds. The convention will also give us an opportunity to stay informed, share ideas with others allowing us to better organize and pool our resources. It will provide a forum for activists to gather and share ideas; reflect how each individual can contribute to the efforts for building a strong organization and work towards promoting education among the underprivileged class of the society. Last but not the least, you will enjoy a reunion, a distinguished key note speaker, cultural program, and recognition award presentations at the banquet dinner which is the highlight of the convention. There will be lots of activities for adults as well as children so bring your family and friends. Please come and join your extended family. Let us demonstrate that our common bond and heritage transcends the chasm of time and place. Let us continue the tradition! This will be great program with a packed session of great speakers from all walks of life. On 18th Evening is a cultural program with Monidipa Sharma, will bring to life the aesthetic imagination and emotional appeal that elevates the poetry of Ghalib, Mir, Daag, Josh etc to a different level. On 19th July, Padam Shri Tom Alter, the great Indian actor will perform the solo urdu play,

Date: 07/17/2009
Location: Courtyard By Marriott75 Felton Street,Marlborough, MA
Time: 4:00 pm


Cost: Convention: $170 (all inclusive)17th july: Dinner and Ghazals: $3518th July: Banquet dinner and play by Tom Alter,

Food: All included

Contact: Mr. Tanvir Salim: 781-223-5086Dr. MAsarrat Ali: 781-883-5311Ms. Homaira Naseem: 508-574-4684Dr. Ashraf Khan: 508-868-0867Mr. Ali Rizvi: 973-220-2713

Web: http://www.aaane.us/welcome_message.html
Email: alirizvi@aol.com

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