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Unni Aarcha
Aparna Sindhoor Dance Theater performing
ABADA Capoeira-Boston,and Bow Sim Mark Tai-Chi Arts Association

Title: Unni Aarcha
Choreography, Script and Direction: Aparna Sindhoor
Choreography and Martial Art: Anil Natyaveda
Performers: Anil, Aparna, Marissa Molinar, Smitha Radhakrishnan, Jun Lee, Soumya Ramanathan
Musicians: Phil Scarff (soprano saxophone) and Bertram Lehmann (percussion) of the world-jazz group Natraj.

Masters of martial arts disciplines from three lands (ABADA Capoeira-Boston, The Aparna Sindhoor Dance Theater, and Bow Sim Mark Tai-Chi Arts Association) join together in an evening highlighting the circles of community and cycles of history. Featured are fierce Capoeira (Brazil), mystical Kalari Ppayattu (South India), and dynamic Wu-shu (China), all traditional forms based on the circle - the roda, the chakras, and the yin & yang, woven together seamlessly with music and story. Integrating dance, acrobatics, percussion, songs, and story, this is a cultural whirlwind of body, mind and spirit.

Date: 04/04/2009
Location: The Springstep, Medford, MA
Time: 8:00 pm

Cost: $19, $16 - Students

Web: http://www.springstep.org/?q=programs/performanceseries/Revolutions

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